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“All that tyranny needs to gain a foothold is silence!” — Thomas Jefferson

by John Charlton

The wrongs and injustices foisted from David O. Carter’s Star Chamber in Santa Ana, California, when he dismissed Barnett vs. Obama,  are long and evil; and The Post & Email will in successive Editorials indicate and condemn each for what they are.

As mentioned previous, the Motion to Dismiss, which Carter granted, is nothing short of a Manifesto of Tyranny; Carter who was hailed by many to be an upright, “solid”, patriotic, “Marine”, has, instead shown that  he is nothing more than a NWO louse infesting the Judiciary.

His ruling denying redressability to Third Party candidates who allege injury on account of being unfairly competed against by an ineligible candidate — in as much as it is not the Court’s duty to remove the usurper — is tantamount to a slap in the face to America!

The consequences of this one opinion, if let to stand, would be to install the tyranny of Big Money and 2 Parties, and take away all voter rights in the country.

When that ineligible candidate gains control of the executive branch’s authority over a a State Attorney General or the U.S. Atttorney General, then manifestly some other branch of government has to enforce the law and remove the usurper.  Certainly it is not the case where you can impeach someone who does not hold office lawfully!

So Carter is in effect saying to every future crook and dictator-wannabee:  go ahead and lie, cheat, and commit as much Election Fraud you want; just make sure your friends in the other branches of government, will look the other way.

Carter has open the doors to tyranny and anarchy:

He has robbed every voter of the right to be truthfully informed in every election.

He has robbed every voter of the right to have a ballot listing of candidates according to State and Federal Laws.

He has robbed every voter of the right to exercise his vote in a fair election.

He has robbed every voter of the right to have a legitimate candidate win the office.

He has robbed American of the entire system of representative democracy which we have enjoyed since 1787!

That’s treachery in the highest degree!

David O. Carter, you are not worthy of the names “American” or “Marine”: you are a fraud, a jurist of tyrants, and a Star Chamber dictator.

You deserve to be imprisoned for life for using your office to impugn the integrity of every future election in this country!

I believe that it would be a very fitting thing for patriots to gather en mass and picket Carter’s Star Chambers in Santa Ana; for if they do not make themselves heard and seen on this ruling; they’ve lost America!

What Carter is saying about Elections, is what Obama is planning for 2010:  total fraud to put his men into power or keep them there. — Wake up America!

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  1. CARTER DECISION FATAL FLAW: When all is said and done, ONE CLAIM MOST DEFINITELY SURVIVES, and that is Keyes’ claim for fraud committed by Candidate Obama before becoming President, which Judge Carter pretends away on the sole basis of Orly having filed same on 1/20/09 at an hour after Obama took the Oath. That’s a “red herring” because Obama took the valid Oath on 1/21/09, no Presidential immunity exists for tort fraud by Candidate Obama before becoming President, and “before-or-after” Oath filing by Orly is irrelevant for such case which does NOT seek Presidential removal, albeit Judge Carter pretends that IS the sole relief sought by Keyes.

  2. Info-mercial trial – or TV info-mercial

    Barack H. Obama born in the White House

    Delivered by the US Surgeon General

    Witnessed by all the Senators and Congressmen…


    STILL NOT A “NATURAL BORN CITIZEN” since he would still have dual citizenship at birth WITH ONLY ONE CITIZEN PARENT …EVEN IF HE WAS BORN IN THE US.

    Maybe we can get that Congressman to again shout…

    “YOU LIE!”

  3. CARTER IN A NUTSHELL: Expanded Orly Taitz default judgment case against CANDIDATE Obama for fraud into a Presidential Removal case against PRESIDENT Obama (promising a trial), but then ruled the Court lacks said Presidential Removal authority, not only dismissing the Judge-expanded Presidential Removal case (reneging on the trial), but throwing out Orly’s Candidate fraud case as well — all this on a red herring that Orly’s case was filed 1/20/09 after Obama was sworn in on 1/20/09 despite Obama was sworn in on 1/21/09 and despite the Orly-alleged fraud was committed by Candidate Obama prior to becoming President and for which there is no Presidential immunity in any case. Thus Judge Carter set up and knocked down his own straw man, and misstated fact and law to bury Orly’s actual case. Pretty nifty!!!

  4. It seems that Obuma is not the only usurper in the house. First Judge Carter usurped unto himself the whole burden of deciding whether and how to remove an illegitimate president; then he promptly buried the burden by saying no court has a role in that process.

    All we wanted from Carter was a trial of truth: do we have a legitimate president or not? The grandiose terms of Carter’s grandstanding just obscure the simple, basic question of the case.

    Early in the case Carter said that if there are questions about Obuma’s legitimacy, they should be resolved. Turns out Carter betrayed himself as well as constitutional governance.

  5. John-I saw your note so I copied/pasted my original thoughts.
    Since the government is too gutless to have this trial. We can have a Mock Trial, that is filmed and goes viral.
    Someone can play the JUDGE will call him SOLOMON, bring in all the evidence-defense/prosecution. We will call it a historical documentary. No one will get hurt, the people will finally get the message. All evidence can be brought in. ACORN, SEIU, all the sabotaging of web-sites, threats, intimidation’s, VOTER FRAUD etc. media blackout. Kind of like those indie movies that people love. All the stuff you couldn’t’t introduce in a government trial. Jury composed of 12 NBC AMERICANS with documented birth certificates.
    This Mock Trial would be equivalent to Obama’s mock COLB, as opposed to legal, documented birth certificate and all supporting documentation.
    John please feel free to add any ideas, suggestions that will hopefully move the cause of our Constitution forward. There is so much material on the web already, I think most of the film could be “assembled” and just fill in the remainder. Another feature could be something from all of the lawyers so that the American people can see that there are attorneys who cared about the Constitution and did their level best to ensure our Liberty and the uphill battle that ensued.
    Mr. Charlton replies: Thanks!


  6. The determination for a lost and falling nation?

    We call upon you:
    Do your deeds demonstrate you are a Man of Courage?
    Or rather that of a Coward?
    Or rather that you are the seed, the filth, of the Corrupt?
    There is no other place to stand. You are either a Man of Courage and STAND for this Constitution, or NOT. No middle or other ground to stand upon.

    We call upon you, we cry for you, we pray for you, we petition you to rise and please stand, and therefore, stand! We need you, we are calling on you this day, hear our cry, we are looking for you, please answer the call. God help us all.

    The REST of you…like this phony Carter, you are useless slothful scums that litter this land and destroy all that is great under God.

    To HIS MASTER KING ABOVE THE LAW Carter: May our Lord and Savior FORGIVE you this day. I, for one, will not.

    Should time prove out those of Courage survive this catastrophe, let us all remember the names of those like KING Carter, and all those just like him that went before HIS ROYAL decision this week. Take NAMES and MAINTAIN that list of the Cowards and the Corrupt.

  7. Is there NO ONE who will take this court case and bring the truth, and nothing but the WHOLE truth, forth and lay the facts out for our nation to see….God forbid, what will happen to the USA?????????????????
    Obviously Judge Carter has no conscience and ABSOLUTELY does not deserve to proclaim the title of U.S. Marine!!!!