Serby charges Land with potential Federal Crime!

AMICUS CURIAE FILING EXPOUNDS UNCONSTITUTIONALITY OF SENDING $20,000 SANCTION TO NON-PROFIT by John Charlton (Oct. 28, 2009) — In a filing which is anything but what its name means (Amicus curiae = “friend of the court”), Victor M. Serby of Woodmere, NY, has sent Judge Clay D. Land a scathing legal rebuke for the latter’s […]

Republicans in House of Reps. to thank 9-12 Tea Partiers

INTRODUCE RESOLUTION EXPRESSING GRATITUDE by John Charlton (Oct. 28, 2009) — Belated gratitude has not the same taste as immediate gratitude, but it’s better than nothing.  In this case it may also indicate that the Republican Party is waking up. The case concerns House Resolution Bill 870, introduced on Oct. 26th,  by 75 Republicans, which […]

Obama knows he is not a Natural Born Citizen according to Vattel

CITED RENOWNED SWISS AUTHOR IN LECTURES AT CHICAGO LAW SCHOOL by John Charlton (Oct. 28, 2009) —  A lot of heated debate was stirred up on the web, when The Post & Email in 2 reports published the testimony of witnesses to the 2004 Keyes vs. Obama debate, in which Obama conceded that he was […]

Rappaport visits NH AG, demanding investigation of Election Fraud

AG HAS SAT ON COMPLAINT FOR 6 WEEKS, IN SHOCKING NEGLIGENCE OF HIS DUTY TO PROTECT VOTERS’ RIGHTS! by John Charlton (Oct. 28, 2009) —After 6 weeks of waiting for a response from the state Attorney General, with no action taken, New Hampshire Representative Laurence M. Rappaport has demanded that Michael A. Delaney, take action […]

Captain Pamela Barnett issues challenge to Bill O'Reilly

LED PLAINTIFF MORE THAN UPSET AT FOX’S DISTORTION OF FACTS IN HER CASE by John Charlton (Oct. 28, 2009) —  She was a captain in the U.S. Army, assigned to Military Intelligence; but now retired she’s fighting a war on two fronts. Captain Pamela Barnett is lead plaintiff in a case that could lead to […]

Now More than 400 exo-Planets Discovered

RECENT ADVANCES IN SPACE-TELESCOPE TECHNOLOGY HAVE LED TO AMAZING ADVANCES IN KNOWLEDGE OF GALACTIC NEIGHBORHOOD by John Charlton (Oct. 28, 2009) — It’s something we see all day long and all day night; amazing the beauty of it daily; but of which we rarely take a deeper interest at the beauty and wonders which abound […]