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by John Charlton, Editor

(Oct. 27, 2009) — The Post & Email has concluded its fundraiser which sought to raise $2,000 to pay for our move to our own domain and the incorporation of the News Site.

While we did not reach our goal of $2,000 — we received donations of $810 — nevertheless, the generosity of our readers and supporters amazed us and is a great encouragement for the work we do.

We will be making the transition and incorporation, anyhow, determined as we are to be frugal and make do with what Providence has bestowed on us, through you, our Donors and Readers!


Important Notice to All Donors

Please take note, that those of you who sent in your donations by PayPal or by Credit card will be receiving within the hour an important email with further details of our fundraising, which you should read and take action on as soon as you can do so, conveniently.

Sincerely, and most thankfully, on my own behalf and that of the Staff & Volunteers at The Post & Email,

Mr. John Charlton

Editor & Founder of The Post & Email

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  1. Dear Postnemail,
    I am so sorry that your site has been trashed [Ed.: not the site, a hacker attempted to break into our Paypal Account, but failed]. Huge problem, and really infuriating.
    Sometimes, a postal money order is a good way to transfer a donation in that the sender is not risking his bank or other information. If you want to post a post office mailing address, you might find some donations coming to that site. [Ed. we will have such by tomorrow.]
    Hang in. You have supporters, to say the least and your site and work are important. Cheers, Laura [ed- thanks!]