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by John Charlton

Yesterday the U.S. Senate voted 68-29 to pass the Paedophile Protection Act, a radical bill to strip Christians and other decent folk of the right to call immorality,” immoral.”

The notorious act is part of the President’s agenda to strip the Nation of pro-morality legislation such as the Marriage Protection Act, and the “Do not ask, do not tell” policy of the U.S. Armed forces.

The terminus of a process of political harassment which began with the Main Stream Media’s insistence not to call a spade, a spade.

It has long been reported that one of the objectives of Communist infiltration in this country was the spread of bad morals through the press.  Key communists were charged with recruiting sodomites not only into the schools of law, but especially into the schools of journalism; this process has achieved such an erosion of normality in public discourse that news sources, like the one liked to above, lauds the action of the Democratic Supermajority as “ground breaking”.

In the world of normality, it is “foundation-breaking” not “ground-breaking”; you “break ground” when you prepare to build up something; this legislation is all about tearing down the traditions of Christianity in this country.

As such it is an attack on the National Security, on National History, on the National Culture.  And those who voted for it are traitors to the Nation.

But to attach it to a bill for Military Spending — how despicably low can you go?

The political establishment is — let us face it — morally bankrupt.

That is why they see nothing wrong in bankrupting the Nation economically or morally.

But, to put a finer point on the matter:  what we see happening in this agenda of Obama and his sycophants is what I would call a Fraud Merry-go-round.

That is, it is a process in which vanity turns presumption round and round ever faster, with ever lessening attention to the surrounding reality.

The Entire Nation cannot take this standing down:  there must be an organized effort to resist this manifestly unjust and unlawful bill, even if the Usurper puts pen and ink to it.

Because the bill is illegal, even if it were signed by the most respectable and legitimate of Presidents — which obviously is not the case here!

The Weimar Republic of Germany fell into a diabolical hole of iniquity simply because citizens followed unjust laws.

As God-fearing folk our duty is to follow just laws and to disobey unjust laws.

Nothing else will save the Nation, at this point.

But even Adolf Hitler for all his depravity never fell as low as Obama and the Democratic Party; for they are legislating against Nature Herself.

Part and parcel of the double-speak associated with the Paedophile Protection Act is its name “The Matthew Shepherd Bill.”  The facts of history are that Shepherd was robbed, he was not a victim of a hate crime; in fact one of the perpetrators was a sexual deviant himself.

That same week that Shepherd met his tragic death, the Main Stream Media censored a more violent crime, that of an Arkansas boy who was repeated raped for hours on end by two sodomites who had kidnapped him; with the ultimate result of his brutal death.

Never heard about that one, did you?

We have entered the final phase of the Kulturkampf or Cultural War in America:  the Barbarians are no longer at the Gates, they have ascended by force of fraud to the citadels of power and are dictating “laws” to us from that height.

I for one say:  “Dictate all you like:  yours is a Fraud Merry-go-round and nothing you sign into law obliges me before God or men!”

Do your worst, o King of Frauds!

Obama is without doubt an anti-Christ, at war with Nature Herself as well as with Jesus Christ.  Since our Founding Fathers established this nation upon the Laws of Nature; the Usurper has only give greater reason and motive for the forces of nature to rise up against him and his coterie of criminals.

If he thinks that the Almighty does not look down and see, he is going to be in for one horrible surprise on the Day of Judgement.

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  1. In the Obamanation, controlled by fundamentally anti-American forces, the truth is ridiculed as false, lies are paraded as truth, and evil is raised up as good. Czar Jennings is just another case in point.

    Sure sounds like Sodom and Gomorah to me, but soon I suppose making that comparison will be a crime. Sodom and Gomorah will become–have become–models for modern, “progressive” America. What moral morons most of our politicians are!

  2. This article hits the nail on the head. It is the duty of every single one of us to stand up and refuse to obey unconstitutional, immoral, unethical and illegal laws that aren’t really laws at all; they are politically-correct proclamations that are meant to control us, subdue us, and turn us into complete serfs.

    If the criminal laws on the books right now still apply, then anyone breaking one of these new “laws” who is brought to trial on criminal charges would be provided access to Obama’s records. The accused could insist that the “law” he broke wasn’t really a law because an Usurper signed it. To prove that point, the defendant’s attorney would have the right to discovery, and this “merry-go-round” would be over.

    I’m thinking of doing that myself. I’m going to speak out against the sin of homosexuality and see what happens after Obama’s usurping pen signs it.

  3. No doubt the usurper has the spirit of anti-christ.

    I’m not one of those who say there is no difference between republicans and democrats, Not At All, but I will say there is not much difference between Elected republicans and democrats. The proof is NY district 23.

    We the people are fighting a fight against almost every earthly power structure in place.