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If you would like to help The Post & Email grow, we need to raise approx. $2,000.00 USD, to get our own site and set it up:  monies donated will be used to cover the expenses of domain registration, hosting, web-development; legal fees for incorporation and filing.  It will not go to employees or staff, as we are all working pro bono at this point.  Our web-developer is an Article II patriot.

So far, as of the republishing of this post, about $500 has been raised.


Now another $1,500 is needed.

Help us give the MSM a run for their money!  Together we can do it!

It is our goal to raise this before Monday, Oct.26th, so that we can make the move  next week. Please spread the word to patriots everywhere!

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If you would like to make a donation via Paypal or credit card,
click this link.

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You will be transferred to a PayPal interface, which will enable you to make a donation directly our account.

Donations are not tax-deductible.

Some things to think about

The Liberties that you keep, are the liberties that you support!

A Free Press never endured without the support of freedom-loving peoples!

If you want The Post & Email to keep informing you, now’s your chance to support it.

6,380 of you read The Post & Email yesterday,
if only 40 of you make a $25 donation
can reach our goal:

* Our own domain name *

* our own custom newspaper look *

* more news coverage *

* plenty of space for our future advertisers *

* ability to have Multimedia news delivery *

With a professional site we can attract the advertisers we need
to hire citizen reporters like yourself

to defend liberty in America

your one time donation, therefore will have a massive impact against Obama!

and for the liberties of All Americans

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  1. You should be able to place a donate button on the side bar below your hit counter. example; just like the DVD ad you have on your side bar/ Just hyperlink a donate image to your paypal url…

    Mr. Charlton replies: The obvious sometimes evades me! Thanks.

  2. A phone # for donations would be convenient.
    Mr. Charlton replies: Yes, it would; but until we incorporate, get an office, and have a contract with a Credit Card payment agency other than Paypal, we’d have to put your info in through paypal too.

    Before that, if we gave out a phone number, it would be the private one of one of our volunteers. The problem is that we get a good deal of violent hate mail here at The Post & Email from obots. And we prefer to protect our families by not giving out our personal numbers.

  3. John:

    You could consider putting a donation bar fixed at the top of the page like they do over at FeerRpublic, it catches everyone’s attention first thing. Your writings are certainly worth supporting. Good luck.


    Mr. Charlton replies: I don’t have a customized CSS account at WordPress; so I don’t think I can do that; but if anyone has suggestions, let me know.