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by John Charlton

For more than a year Obama U.S. Citizens have been suing Obama on the question of his eligibility of office; and while the objectives of each suit differ (some seeking a court determination, others the revelation of documents, others the reparation of injuries), they all sought remedy in the courts, on the basis that politicians were no longer responsive to the issue.

But during this same year Obama has been in the docket of another court, that of Public Opinion.  And this court seems more likely to bring him down.

I say that on the basis of Obama’s obvious character flaw:  he has a psychological need to be praised and applauded.

While many speculate and compare him to Adolf Hitler, this flaw of his might keep him from the excesses of that madman who relished inflicting suffering upon others.

Obama relishes pleasure in his own aggrandizement. And that is his weak flank, the missing scale on this dragon’s breast.

And so, that might be the most effective point of attack for U.S. Citizens who want to bring down his illegitimate, unconstitutional, Marxist regime.

His regime is a regime of boasts, gratuitous assertions, ever-changing, nay revolving lies:  façade, hot-air, and vanity. Oh, and let’s not forget, fake National Emergencies.

If it’s a pyscop-war that Obama supporters on the Internet and in the Main Stream Media want; then let’s give it back to them!

Operation Boo! Obama

If Obama needs praise and flattery; then let’s give him disdain and insults.

I would not recommend this for a legitimate president, no matter how much I disagreed with him; because a legitimate president deserves the respect of his office; being the head of state of the United States, we should not use contumely against him.

But an intruder, usurper, pretender and thief, has no such relation to the Nation or office. Therefore, our loyal duty as citizens is to treat him with disdain.

Therefore I propose Operation Boo! Obama.

This is an exercise in free speech.

It’s objective: to make the retention of the Office of President so entirely and continuously a source of psychological dissatisfaction, that Obama resigns and goes elsewhere — perhaps to Norway, Indonesia, Kenya, or wherever…

It’s method: first, to flood the Internet with just criticisms of his vanity, esposeés of his mendacity, ridicule, and to encourage citizens to do likewise, so as to follow in the footsteps of Senator Joe Wilson, who shouted “You Lie” in the joint session of Congress last month; second, to bring insult to every public meeting; and to publish insult by every method of communication, outside of the internet; like placards, billboards, lawn signs, leaflets, stickers, bumper-stickers, etc. etc..

If the Nation as a whole begins to insult this creep, then perhaps, without more robust measures, he’ll take a hike.

If we deny him what his psyche needs, he’ll seek it elsewhere: maybe as president of Europe!

It might be improbable; but the National Crisis requires every legitimate method of national defense.

Plus it’s fun.

I personally suggest that every 20th of the month — they day he usurped the office of President — we establish a National Day of “Boo! Obama”; though if you can’t wait that long, you have my permission to start immediately (humor).

If you heed this challenge, style yourself a “Boo! Obama” operative.  Let’s make this go viral.

So in all his public appearances let’s protest and use messages of insult.  Be reserved in your language to avoid gutter speech, but remember that as a U.S. Citizen, upholding the Constitution, you have a moral imperative to insult this fraud!

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  1. The pResidents official portrait has been updated.

    Boo! Obama National Coordinator says: The middle finger salute is something that I don’t deem acceptable for this website; which is child-friendly.

  2. How about the sign just emailed to me made into a bumper sticker???……….


    Boo! Obama National Coordinator says: That’s superb, agent JJ!

  3. Bogus Obuma, the first foreign faux president of the United States and the first pseudo-president to paint the White House Red, is a contagious national emergency. Quarantine Obuma now, preferably in Kenya with his Red father’s dreams.

    Obuma the Great Deceiver parades as the first African-American president but shares no part of African-American history. He has no clothes. Obuma is a subversive fraud, a political kool-aid salesman.

    To fix our trade imbalance with the world, Export Obuma Now. Banish the Bum.

  4. A variation on the ‘Got Milk?’ campaign: Picture of Barky, but the ‘milk mustache’ would read “Got Birth Certificate?’ (in milk), instead.

    Boo! Obama National Coordinator says: Powerful image, agent Suek!