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by John Charlton

(Oct. 22, 2009) — It has long been noted that there is a certain amount of divisiveness in the Anti-Obama movement.  Some of it is the consequence of the historical circumstances of the movement’s origin:  namely individuals arriving at a common conclusion that Obama was a threat to the Nation, but for a variety of reasons; different backgrounds, and little personal knowledge of others in the movement.

But a great deal of division has been sown by anonymous commentators on blogs, forums and websites, who pretend to be patriots but have more devious purposes.

This same game played by Obots, had been played in Belgium just 2 years ago, when they were employed against the Anti-Immigration Party, which was gaining ground in polls.  So says  “Baron Bodissey,” the blogger at Gates of Vienna Blog:

. . . these techniques sounded remarkably similar to what was practiced against Counterjihad Brussels by the agitators who infiltrated the comments at LGF two years ago.

It was a classic KGB-style operation. Undercover agents from Sweden and Belgium dropped into the threads for a while, laid their depth charges, and then disappeared when the damage was done and their mission was accomplished. They knew precisely the best way — the use of “Nazi” and “racist” accusations — to divide and demoralize the anti-jihad forces.

A commenter like Dave from Sweden became in effect an agent of influence parachuted behind enemy lines. He and the others penetrated the lizardoids, fabricated evidence against Vlaams Belang and Sverigedemokraterna, engaged in provocation through their accusations, and used outright disinformation to do so. The entire operation was clandestine work — no way of knowing where any of these lizardoids came from and who they really were — that caused a diversion from the mission of the Counterjihad by igniting internecine warfare among allies who should have been in fundamental agreement with one another.

Pulling all of these off together was a “combination” counterintelligence operation, which means that the perpetrators used eight out of the ten classic techniques from the KGB playbook.

The resulting furor disrupted and fragmented the Counterjihad in the USA and temporarily damaged transatlantic relations within the movement. Not bad for a few days worth of commenting and planting easy-to-fabricate “evidence”.

The LGF penetration operation did not require the complicity of Charles Johnson, merely his credulity. The agents were very shrewd in their choice of target — most of the other major bloggers would never have retailed all their fabrications and disinformation without checking them carefully first. But the infiltrators knew their man — he was already hyper-alert for “neo-Nazis”, especially in Europe, and could be relied upon to take the bait without examining it very closely.

The big question remains: how co-ordinated were the actions of the operatives who carried out their mission at LGF? It’s not as if every plan is still hatched and controlled by Moscow. We know that the leftist groups in Europe are in general communication with one another, and mount simultaneous “anti-fascist” responses whenever right wing or anti-immigration groups hold public events. We also know that these bully-boys enjoy the tacit support of various European governments, especially those that are run by the Social Democrats.

But how much central control is there over EXPO, Yelloman, Blokwatch, UAF, and all the various Antifas and related groups? If they are not being run by controllers in Dzerzhinsky Square, then who is running them?

And what are these KGB techniques that were used in Belgium? Baron, referring to Dr. John Dziak’s book Chekisty: A History of the KGB remarks:

The Soviet Union now resides in the dustbin of history, but the ideologies and methodologies it devised are with us still. The counterintelligence state left behind a legacy of subversive foreign counterintelligence that continued to operate even after the Socialist Fatherland collapsed.

Dr. Dziak lists ten principal classes of counterintelligence that were conducted abroad by the Soviet security services:

1. provocation (provokatsiya)
2. penetration (proniknoveniye)
3. fabrication (fabrikatsiya)
4. diversion (diversiya)
5. agent of influence (agent vliyaniya or agent po vliyaniyu)
6. clandestine work (konspiratsiya)
7. disinformation (dezinformatsiya)
8. wet affairs (mokrye dela)
9. direct action (aktivnyye akty)
10. combination (kombinatsiya)

We see these tactics used regularly against the Patriot movement (though I am not too sure of what all the Russian terms mean):

1. Obot provocateurs, with their nasty comments attacking authors of blogs and other citizens who comment in public forums. Their purpose is to control you through impelling you to a reaction they want: whether threats, insults, snide comments, or the like — the remedy is not to publish the comment; not to read it if published, and to delete it as soon as you recognize the nik or spirit of it.  If you like, you can say something appropriate as you press the delete button, for humor sake!

2. Double agents, that play along, to cause the most damage at the crucial moments. Never allow or tolerate unpatriotic behavior even from those who have seemed for a while to be patriots.

3. Fabrication of fake birth documents to discredit citizens looking for the truth. Don’t believe every document you find, even if it supports outing Obama.  This game has been played on Americans, what, 4 times already?

4. Injection of diversionary arguments, news stories, legal interpretations, etc.. A classic example of this is the “U.S. as a corporation” theory, which is a cover/planted theory, to neutralize patriots who would otherwise be working against the control of the Parties over the country, which is the real source of the problem.  Those who get stuck in this theory, end up in hundreds of hours of historical research, and little logical analysis, and end up sounding like mad-hatters, since they never take note of the leaps of logic inherent in the theory; but allow their passionate desire to find a cause to the problems of the nation in a simplistic theory of legal developments, rather than in the Marxist infiltration in the country, which is much more complex to prove and more frightening to recognize. — But most diversionary tactics are directed at crisis legislation in Congress. Americans are continually asked to spend so much time stopping legislation in Congress that they never do anything about the Usurper in the Whitehouse:  the simple truth is, none of the legislation can be passed into law, without a legitimate president; so all the effort in fighting it is a diversion.

5. The creation of cult followings, where followers are trained to attack other patriots or patriot organizations, rather than Obama. — Even Dante Alighieri in his Divine Comedy put traitors in the deepest pit of the Inferno, because to betray an ally is the worst of crimes.

6. Personal threats against leaders of movement; sabatogue of cars, blogs, leases, etc.

7. Disinformation: well that is the principal activity of the Obama administration, so no comment is necessary: his 2 biographies are pure propaganda; the COLB was a read herring, etc..

8. Enticing patriots into actions to discredit or demoralize them: Land was clearly a “wet affair” agent…

9. Direct action: threats by Judges and lawyers against citizens and lawyers challenging Obama; harassment of lawyers by clerks in Supreme Courts and other courts.

10. Combination of efforts by media outlets to provide a sustained attack on patriotic movement.

Americans must remember always, that we are not at war with Americans, but Communists; who are not going to play according to our sense of fairness; and who will use every dirty trick in the book. Accordingly, bloggers should not allow the publication of all comments, nor give heed to all sources of information; but remember that unity of the patriotic movement is necessary to defend the liberty of the Nation.

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  1. Now John, how can the President of the United States and the federal districts courts be listed on dunn & bradstreet being trade as, if they are not a corporation?

    What does this mean?

    Mr. Charlton replies: First, Dunn & Bradstreet can put whatever they want into their database; their database is not reality. So what they mean by it can easily be had by calling them. Does it mean that each Federal Court, for example, purchases supplies and as far as salesmen are concerned is a possible client for their products? Or does it mean what you think it means? Call them and ask. I’ll guess that it means the first of the two. Try it. Test every theory with facts; not fears nor hypotheses.

  2. Bravo! Excellent and succinct view of what is going on. It is true that the Patriot movement is growing, and still vulnerable to these tactics, tho not as much as last year, imho.