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by John Charlton

(Oct. 21, 2009) — Six days ago The Post & Email published the testimony of a citizen, who witnessed the C-Span cablecast of the Keyes vs. Obama 2004 Debates, in the second debate of which Obama conceded that he is not a natural born citizen.  This cable cast occurred in April of 2005.

Today, a second witness has come forward, who saw and heard the same condemning comment made by Obama regarding his ‘Natural Born’ status.  This witness viewed a clip of the exchange between Keyes and Obama that was posted on Youtube last Novemeber following the 2008 Presidential elections, sometime between November 5 and November 18.

This second corroborative testimony is very detailed, and The Post & Email publishes it without editing.

The video I saw on Youtube may or may not have been recorded by C-span.  It was a year ago that I viewed it, but the image is still very clear in my mind.  It was definitely from the second debate held on Oct 21, 2004. It did not take place back stage as some have reported.  Both candidates were standing on the stage behind their respective podiums.  The background was blue.  Actually, when I first saw the Youtube video, my first thought was that the debate was held outside because all you could see beyond the candidates was what looked like a perfectly clear blue sky.

The clip was actually filmed from the side of the stage.  Keyes was standing in the foreground behind his podium and Obama was beyond that on the far side of the stage.  Even though they were still at their podiums as they were during the debate, the comment made by Keyes was almost as though it was an ‘aside’, definitely not in response to a question from the panel. He may have been breaking in at the end of one of Obama’s responses.  I really could not say ‘when’ during the debate it occurred.  But it was very casual-like.

Whoever filmed the clip was holding the camera low if they were standing on the stage.  However they could have been standing off the stage to the side. The camera was situated so that it was in a line that intersected Keyes somewhere between his knees and waist, pointing about 15-30 degrees up and was far enough away to include the stage floor as well as the entirety of the candidates from their feet to well above their heads in the frame.

I know it was the second debate because this is the only debate with this background and candidates standing at podiums.  The entire video only lasted 10-15 seconds if that. The thing I do not remember seeing was any logo, Cspan or ABC 7, which is prominent on every video I have seen of the debates.  It might have been there, but I do not remember it.  So it might have been a video recorded and posted by a private citizen and not a station segment.

As I said, it was very short.  The entire clip just showed Keyes as he turned his head toward Obama saying, ‘Well, you’re not even a natural born citizen.’  Obama confidently responds, ‘That’s OK, I’m not running for President, I’m only running for the Senate.’  That was the end of the video.  Very, very short.

The question is whether C-span has the clip.  Cspan may have kept their cameras rolling the whole time regardless of a break in the debate if there was one.  I do not know.

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  1. Why, oh why, didn’t Alan Keyes win?

    A trivial question in light of the topic of this thread, but heartfelt nonetheless.
    Mr. Charlton replies: Rosemary, your comment does not meet our policy, but I’ll answer it anyhow: ACORN.

  2. Gregg Goss,

    To me this sounds like that’s been fixed, don’t you think? I don’t know, but it sounds strange for him to say something like that, if it is him!

    I just bet that somewhere maybe someone has this tape. And I sure do wish that it could be found. It’s words right out of the O’s mouth.

  3. Personally I don’t believe everything that I hear, but I do believe this person from (at the time) Democratic Disaster. It was over a year ago, and she or he was helping with the mail-out to various places and swore that she heard it. I think it was a woman, but when everyone’s screen names, it could have been a male.

    I think that it was edited. I do remember that she said it was like Dr. Keyes said it as an afterthought or something, then came BO’s reply.

    All I know is that it was when Democratic Disaster was going on. I can remember it well as far as a time frame because I’ve been following this now for over a year.

  4. John,

    Do either of the witnesses have a ballpark timeframe of when the statements were made in the debate…the debate lasted about an hour I guess…or maybe what subject were they talking about…that could narrow the timeline down within the debate…

  5. This is the C-SPAN video of the debate held on 10/21/2004. it is an hour long and I have just listened to the entire thing. There is only one reference where Obama says he is running for the Senate after his Christianity was questioned he said “I am not running for minister of Illinois, I am running for the Senate”

    Mr. Charlton replies: Gregg Goss, if you want a reaction from the witnesses, I am not going to post it; you know very well that anything said in a public forum can be used in court to impugn their testimony. From my conversations with them, I can confirm that comment is not what they are talking about.

    We both can presume that Team Obam has the original uncut tapes. Therefore it would be easy for them to attempt to convince a witness to make a statement which the originals could refute; and thus discout their testimony in court; while hidding away forever the part of the debate in question. Let’s not be naive.

    Their lives also could be in danger.

  6. I remember someone from Democratic Disaster (now is Restore the Constitutional Republic) talking about this over a year ago. It seems that it was a woman discussing having seen this, but I could be wrong about that. I know that from what I remember, they saw it on C-Span too. Also, many of us started searching the Internet for it and couldn’t find it. At that time they were talking about maybe they could get someone to pull it off their computer in their cache.

    Then, later on another person came forward and stated that they had witnessed it too.

  7. I suspect that the 1:51 through 1:52 minute marker on the video is where the, off topic, natural born citizen remarks and response were edited out…Why would there be a one second duration, alternate camera angle in that video…It doesn’t make any sense, unless of course it was previously more than one second and the rest was deleted….I believe the one second camera angle is a left over remnant from editing.

  8. Here is a video that proves the witness’ description of the debate according to his/her memory is accurate….At the 1:52 minute marker of the video you will see the exact camera angle and stage setting that this witness described…Watch closely because it only lasts for a split second…You can pause the video and freeze frame the camera angle…The coverage shown by C-Span was barrowed from Chicago’s ABC-7…It’s safe to say that this was ABC’s camera used for the side stage angle.