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FIRST ONE STORY, THEN ANOTHER — Has Google scrubbed its own News Archive?

by John Charlton

[In response to this report Google sabatoged their Archive a few days later: see here for The Post & Email follow-up report]

(Oct. 15, 2009) — It’s the world’s largest online repository of Newspaper information, spanning the globe and more than a century of history:  the Google News ArchiveThe Post & Email can attest to its utility and depth of coverage, which enabled it to research the biography of Judge Jerome B. Simandle and publically identify him as an ex-Naider’s Raider.  This archive containes scanned images and or digitized text of printed newspapers and electronically available news reports for more than 100 years from papers and news agencies around the globe.

However, its results are skewed when you attempt to search for “Kenyan-born Obama”; results are missing; years prior to 2004 seem scrubbed; and when you click a link to an article in 2000, you get an article in 2004.

Deliberate sabotage of their own news archive?

This article will document what Google has done, for posterity’s sake.


This seems a simply enough query:  an attempt to verify the AP story which appeared in the East African Standard, Sunday Edition of June 27, 2004:  “Kenyan-born U.S. Senator Obama hopeful….”

The results are not so simple:

The first result is for April 28, 1981: The New York Times — The results say the word Obama should appear: it does not; “Kenyan-born” is found with Leaky.

There is no mention of Obama from 1981 to 2000; despite all his “work with the poor” in Chicago.

Next, the Google Newspaper Archive, the most extensive in the world omits the article in the East African Standard for June 27, 2004, in which Obama is identified as “Kenyan-born”.

The fourth result is supposed to be to a PBS story from July 27, 2000, entitled, “Illinois Candidate for the Senate Barack Obama addresses the DNCC”, but the link leads to a report by Elizabeth Brackett, discussing Obama’s Senatorial race victory on July 27, 2004: in which she says many things about Obama, except where he was born.

The fifth link is to a July 28, 2004 story by Bill Nichols, USA Today; which it states that Obama’s father is Kenyan-born; but says nothing about the son’s birth place.

The sixth likewise, on July 27, 2004, fails to mention birth place; and just says “Kenyan-born father”.

The seventh is to the Evening Gazette (Middlesbrough, England), for Nov. 8, 2004, but which seemingly has nothing to do with Obama.

Then, you would not believe it; but all the newspapers in the world, during the period from Jan. 1, 2005 to April 12, 2006, don’t make one mention of Obama! Not even one.

In April of 2006, all three articles have the same verbiage:  “a Kenyan-born father and an American mother”.

In a report from the Kansas City Infozine, on Dec. 17, 2007, a Kenyan student in Washington D.C., says that Obama is not a Kenyan, and has no legal bonds to Kenya.

Analysis:  An Administration of Mendacity

It seems that following the AP story on June 27, 2004, Obama’s Campaign went mum about the birth place; and only began speaking about a “Kenyan-born” father.  The Google Newspaper Archive has been scrubbed for all of 2005 and the first quarter of 2006.  However, The Honolulu Advertiser was aware enough still on Jan. 8, 2006 that he had claimed a foreign birth; but by the summer of 2006 stories begin to appear claiming a Hawaiian birth.  The reporter for the Honolulu Advertiser admitted in an email to Phil, the publisher of The Right Side of Life news site, that he had obtained his information from the web. Yet this same paper remained so convinced of Obama’s non-Hawaiian birth, that on Nov. 8, 2008, in a long piece ostensibly covering for Obama, it avoided all mention of the place of the birth.  How is it that a newspaper in Hawaii after the election can’t bring itself to name the place of birth? — What did they know, that we don’t?*

What appears to have happened is what the American public has already noticed with Obama:  he lies as he goes, and he makes up lies to suit his purpose; so many lies, you don’t know what the truth is; and frankly he does not seem to care.

However, if Obama cannot show documents which prove he is born in the USA; the mere fact that he has claimed to be born overseas and in the U.S.A.; first at one hospital in Hawaii and then at another; means that nothing he says in Court, and no document presented by his campaign could be taken as prima facie evidence of anything.

As one can see from the links piling up in the comment section below; the Obama Campaign had a serious problem with consistency of information, to put it mildly.

The moral of this story is that scrub history as much as you might try; you will always be found out; because the very act of scrubbing leaves holes; holes which will remain as silent witnesses to your crime and indicate indirectly what kind of information you wanted to suppress.


FOOTNOTES — * As of 2 AM Oct. 16, 2009, Eastern Time, someone edited the Honolulu Advertiser page, and removed all reference to the foreign births of Duckworth and Obama; the date stamp on the modified file shows that this edit was done by someone in either the Eastern or Central time zones; because it was not yet Oct. 16th in Hawaii. The exact manner of the edit, is described here.


This report is part of a series of reports at The Post & Email:

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  1. So…… What happens Next??? Is the Presidency as We now know it, going to slowly dissapear, or will there be some kind of impeachment that will not be known of by any of the Media or the public. Or will Mr. Obama and his Family mysteriously Dissapear from the face of the Planet? Or will there be another document (forged no doubt) claiming that the President is who He says he is, and that His Birth Documents that were exploited in the Media, were all fakes, and that the true Birth certificate was, and is in His own personal wallet. When will the Real truth be known.
    An so goes the Story…. On and On, and on and on!

  2. allAfrica.com: Africa: Obama…is White House Beckoning On Africa?
    The question on everyone’s lips now is, can Senator Barack Hussein Obama, the Kenya-born American, win the White House race? In this piece, Gboyega Akinsanmi examines his chances …


    This is from the Bing search engine. It’s necessary to pay to get a full copy, which I haven’t done.



  3. Time to go after the real traitors. The ones doing the cover-up. Find a few of them in the act and you can bet your last dollar they will all be lined up to tell the truth or the few you get will spill the beans.

    Time to put the ones helping to cover it up on trial for Treason against the US. This is no laughing matter. Time for action people!


  4. If there was no controversy or deception in this whole subject, then there should be no problem with O presenting his birth certificate. When someone like the man in the oval office tries to hide anything in their history then the people have a right to question it. Americans have no problem showing their proof of birth and neither should the man in the oval office if he is truly an American as he claims. Anyone caught doctoring legal documents should be investigated and charged with a crime.

  5. This is one more Waste of Time issue…OF COURSE he is illegitimate,,,but even if he wasn’t – LOOK what he’s DOING!!! Obama is a FRAUD on so many levels and issues. It is time to FULLY awaken to this Reality. He is a sock puppet for the Ruling ELITE, he does THEIR bidding, thru the mechanics of the every growing UNITARY EXECUTIVE (Dictator) Principle. It’s time to WAKE UP, my dear friends, if you want a Sane World – which is rapidly disappearing. You must grow some BRAINS and GUTS,,,and FAST. IF we stick together, the Rats will panic,,Obama is SURROUNDED by RATS!!,they will begin rolling over on each other, trying to Testify with immunity..to escape punishment for their Crimes Against Humanity. BUT, if we let them get away with their 9/11 s and their Engineered Financial Collapses and Phony Bailouts,,,and their PHONY BioEngineered Pandemics, their CHEMTRAIL Spraying operations, (yes Virginia, Chemtrails ARE real!!), their PHONY Monsanto driven Codex Alimentarius Food and Supplement Regulations (W.H.O. World HOMICIDE Organization), etc… well, then, we won’t have much of a world and very soon (WE won’t be in it). Wake yourselves out of your Psychic SLUMBER, folks!!! They’re comin’ ta GET ya!!! Pull yourselves together, and RESIST the New World Order with everything you have in you> it is THAT serious!!! Wake Up! Snap Out of it!! No Democrats – No Republicans! Only STOOGES for the Ruling Elite!!! Wall Street CRIMINALS now control (ARE) the Government…this is INSANITY! This is NOT any longer a Democratic REPUBLIC… The PEOPLE must PREVAIL> WE ARE THE PEOPLE!!! We Outnumber them MILLIONS to One…We CAN shut this country down if NEEDS BE…if they only offer us an Immoral Fascist Police State that qualifies as NEEDS BE! You DO have a Right to SELF-PROTECTION!! This is NOT advocating violence – but if someone is going to RAPE or KILL you – you DO have a right of Self-Protection by WHATEVER means. They have been Dumbing you Down, and Programming you with LEARNED HOPELESSNESS! Snap Out of It!!! NOW!!! You are NOT Hopeless – You Get it?

  6. Someone commented about FOX being in on this. When Obama uses half the guys from the last administration and doesnt change any of the policies, now you have to realize that BOTH SIDES ARE THE SAME, and their only opponent is US, the American People. Of course FOX is covering for them, they do every day by supporting the Republicrat sham every day by acting like a right-wing mouthpiece

  7. I need to ask something. Don’t they have to prove this before they are even nominated? If all this is true, how did he get to be president in the first place?

  8. This is easy to solve. All hussein has to do is step up, be a man and show his birth certificate and all this will go away.

    Unless of course, he can’t show it.
    Because he was born in kenya…

  9. Every public library collects printed copies of local newspapers. Perhaps, people in these particular cities where information was printed regarding the Obama’s birth place, should volunteer to walk into the library and scan the disappearing articles.

    There was nothing printed in Chicago about a promising young black politician who overcame obstacles, who, inspite of growing up without a father in a foreign country made something of himself ? really ?

  10. I would certainly think with modern technology this can be figured out and brought into the light for all to see. If he is not a US citizen then he needs to be removed from office.

    This could well be the biggest fraud ever to occur in America’s history, if in fact this is true.

    May the truth prevail and may those in positions of authority bring about restoration for the rules of law as they apply to everyone, not a few.

    God will bring this all to light in due time.

  11. People need to make archive copies of these stories everywhere in various formats … PDF, HTML, paper print outs, screen captures, and actual captures of the files from these servers if you are technically able to do it to see what date was on or in the files when created and/or other fingerprints in the files itself that would be evidence in a court of law as to when the files were created and uploaded to the net, and/or changed later. Get to work out their all you patriots and supporters of our Constitution. The truth shall be heard. Obama the usurper will be removed and all his backers will be tried on criminal charges for the cover-up they helped perpetrate. Pelosi in particular knows what has been going on and participated in it with the DNC with that double certification types of forms she signed.

    Capture this stuff and write letters to all the Judges in all the cases and attach copies of these pages.
    The addresses for key judges in key cases are listed at the bottom of this page:




  12. Link to article in 2004 when Obama was ready to enter the U.S. Senate for Illinois, an article mentioning “Kenyan-born Obama all set for U.S. Senate”. This was obviously prior to the scheme being hatched that he would run for president despite his being foreign born and not eligible to be a candidate. My question is: What did the DNC know and when did they know it? He must have had full complicity with the democratic party who were willing to break all the DNC rules, lie to the American people and forego our constitution in order to get this fraudulent candididate into the White House, as long as he was a democrat. And lucky for them, the media who failed to do its job of vetting or investigative journalism, aided and abetted the whole scheme.


  13. By some kind of reverse-discrimination, media-induced psychosis, Bob Dole was intimidated into thinking it would be unfair to raise the issue of the moral (or rather, immoral) character of Bill Clinton in their election contest– as if the character of a president wasn’t relevant.

    Similarly, Republican candidates then and Republicans leaders now seem to feel it would not be fair to point out that Obuma is not a natural born citizen, much less that he may have been born in Kenya and may actually be an illegal alien. This is the most positive view of their cowardice. Alternatively, the whole bunch are accomplices in the greatest fraud in history.

  14. Here’s another one, John. An audio of NPR’s Africa-based corespondant.

    “Ofeibea Quist-Arcton, NPR’s Africa-based correspondent, tells why her beat has proved one of the most interesting this year. [Oct. 9, 2008]

    She discusses the stories that have been painful and devastating for many nations on the continent such as the violent political fights that have led to power-sharing deals.

    She also describes the stories that have been exciting, including the U.S. presidential race of Kenyan-born Sen. Barack Obama.”


    I’m now using another search engine (clusty.com). It groups search terms into clusters and is very efficient.

    Sorry to keep posting in different comments. I’m just posting as I find articles.

  15. I started using a search engine called ixquick.com. I did a search for “Kenyan-born Obama” (without the quotation marks) and one of the results was an AP article titled ”
    Kenyans Prepare parties for 1st Kenyan born President of US” with a link to FOX News. However, when I click the link, it appears to have been changed and the title now reads “Kenyans Prepare for Party of a Lifetime for Favorite Son Obama.” What gives? Is FOX involved in covering this up also?