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by John Charlton

There is a very widespread delirium that sickens the minds of the body politic and makes citizens incapable of realizing the clear and present dangers this Nation is in, of which we were warned of long ago.

Not a few writers have warned us that America stands to be taken over by a Marxist regime which will reign cruelly over us for more than a generation and destroy this country, as it destroyed Russia, China an a host of countries far lesser than ourselves.

As much as we might want to, we cannot turn the clock backwards; we are in the thick of the troubles now, and we need to recognize it and admit it; denial will serve no purpose but to aggravate the symptoms.

Loyalty to the Constitution alone won’t save the country; because clearly the Constitution by itself did not prevent this tragedy.

If you want to uphold the constitution to such an extent that you would prefer this Nation to fall to Marxist dictatorship, and lull the peoples of this once free land into accepting the usurpation of the Presidency; so be it; but don’t call yourself a patriot.  You ain’t no such thing.

American Patriotism is first of all a blessing and fruit of common sense.  Tyranny has no rights; and We the People have a God-given right to liberty.

This is not a liberty to kowtow to the niceties of gentile comportment, while letting the Nation go to rot.

If that’s your sense of patriotism, “Be off with you!”, I say.

If you want to uphold the power of your party, be it Democrat or Republican, and accept their interpretation of the law, even if that means America will be radically changed, perhaps even dissolved into Canada or Mexico; so be it.

If that’s your sense of patriotism, “Be off with you!”, I say.

No, American patriotism means something more.

If you have ever opened a book, or read a page about the American Revolution, you can see that the radical spirit of liberty which our forefathers had was not anything like any of the above mentioned ideas of patriotism.

To suggest that Thomas Paine would be in line to kowtow to politicians, jurists, or legislators demanding his rights to be heard, with the intention of remaining silent, if not heard; if you imagine that our forefathers were ones to say, “Keep all the laws of the King, even if they make you slaves!” or any other such nonsense, it is clear that it is you who are perpetrating fraud.

Since We the People founded this nation on the principle that there is a foundation to right and justice and liberty apart from written laws; it is only those who claim such a foundation, when laws fail, and courts turn their back, and seats of government are usurped, who show themselves to be true sons of Liberty, the true posterity of the American revolutionaries.

Mine is not the concern whether I suffer the nit pricks of the disdain of conceited men.

Mine is the concern in the liberty of my fellows, and that of the generations to come.

If we are to save America from the present National Crisis, we must return to the spirit of the American Revolution.

We must recognize that America is at a crossroad; and mere perfunctory imitation of the habits of recent years is not going to save her.

The crisis is too great; the corruption too profound and widespread.

We must awake from our delirium of thinking the solution will come without a more virile resistence.

I, for one, would rather claim the heritage of such men as Paine, Washington and Lexington; than live 1 day under a Marxist regime.

What is your sense of Patriotism?

Whatever it is, mark you well; it is the spirit you travel with which will choose the road you take.

We are at a crossroad; and the choice is deadly.  We cannot go back, so we must invoke the spirit of liberty which guided our forefathers, if we are to go forward, choosing aright.

Only such a revival will save America.

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  1. Re Jack’s response Oct. 12, we hope Judge Carter will finally permit discovery re Obama’s eligibility and a trial of truth before the bar of justice. But if he doesn’t, I think John Charleton is saying that true patriots need to act to restore lawful governance.

    Already the Sept. 12 Tea Parties across the nation, and especially in D.C., have shown the willingness of millions of us to put ourselves on the street in protest against Obama. If Congress and the courts continue to deny us a fair hearing, we may have to carry more than signs next time we march–onto the White House lawn.

  2. ‘What else do they give us?’ It’s passive, it’s cowardly, it shows a lack of independent thought. It helped get the US to the point where it is today.

    Ah, yes, I get, “how can you live without the tv”??
    My husband got a library card for the first time in his life and a few times a week when he gets home, he showers, has dinner, and he’s off to the library.
    The mindset of those responding as you said is what got us here today; tea party??? My husband’s acquaintance asked when we returned from our 140 mile trip (one way) if we enjoyed the tea and refreshments!!!!!!!!!!
    OMG, if this is true of the majority, this country is so screwed……..I even have a neighbor that can’t believe I get letters from the Ky. senators and my representative.
    So sad, so very, very, sad.

  3. Thank you for another powerful essay! In the last week, I’ve looked at some non-political blogs to gauge the reaction to what’s happening in the US when someone raises a point about the state of the nation today. No one among ordinary commenters has any reaction. They deflect the subject or ignore it.

    I read where it was that way in the runup to the War of Independence, too. A lot of people didn’t want to know, and it was only a small number of patriots who carried the day for a very long time.

    The most destructive thing people can do is to immerse themselves in celeb magazines and bad telly. I told someone this three years ago and they said, ‘But what else do they give us?’ Think about the mindset that comes up with a response like that and you will have the insight to today’s American psyche. ‘They’ — meaning the powers that be? Go to the library. Read an improving book. Read good sites online for news and insight. That question displayed such a passive attitude that I still remember it clearly. I don’t think that person cares one iota about what’s happening — until they are directly affected.

    ‘What else do they give us?’ It’s passive, it’s cowardly, it shows a lack of independent thought. It helped get the US to the point where it is today. And, were I to see that person again, I imagine the next response I would get would be a shrug and that most odious of questions, ‘What can you do?’ It’s so wrong on so many levels.

    Sorry about the long post. Thanks!

  4. Well, I guess the future of the Constitutional Republic and the USA as we now know it (that is, at least prior to 1/20/09) comes down to what happens on the ninth floor of the Ronald Reagan Federal Courthouse and Building, Santa Ana, CA.