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by John Charlton

I did not vote for Hillary Clinton. But this week I am a Hilary Clinton fan, in a sense. Let me explain.

Hillary Clinton, the Secretary of State of the United States under Barack Hussein Obama, is, in my opinion, the most powerful person on the planet right now; that is, this week.

She holds this position because the unique circumstances of history which have brought the United States into its present Constitutional Crisis; and of events which have unwittingly put her in the position of restoring the Republic and the Democratic Party, by her action, or destroying the same by her inaction.


Because this week Plaintiffs in two cases are waiting to hear judgment whether they have standing to sue Obama for not being eligible to hold the office of presidency.

And its obvious as heck that the judges are scared to death, in my opinion, of the consequences of granting standing, on the one hand, because of the political turmoil that they believe would result; and, on the other, are concerned about destroying public confidence in the Article III judiciary.

The cases of which I speak are Barnett vs. Obama and Kerchner vs. Obama; and they are in the hands of Judges David O. Carter, of the California Southern Division and Jerome B. Simandle the New Jersey Middle Division federal courts.

This, combined with the massive outpouring of public wrath at the course Congress and the Obama Administration have taken in the last 9 months, the 1.7+ million Tea Partiers who marched assembled in Washington, D.c., last month, and the sinking support in the polls for Obama, put Hilary in an enviable position; unique in her career, unique in the history of the nation.

If Hilary Clinton just simply said simple one sentence, this week, it would cause the Obama administration to implode; resurrect the Democratic party as a viable entity in the 2010 elections, and be met with a swift ground swell of support from the entire people of the United States who still believe in the rule of law.

What is this sentence?

“After careful legal and historical study, I don’t believe Obama is a natural born citizen; and therefore I request Congress to hold hearings to determine whether he lawfully occupies the office of President of the United States, in accord with the objective requirements of Article II, Section i, paragraph 5, of the U.S. Constitution!”

Such a statement would show the following about Hilary Clinton’s character:

1) It would definitely demonstrate that she is a person of integrity, who puts the U.S. Constitution before all else.

2) It would definitely prove that, as a woman, she is not a follower but a leader.

Such a statement would have the following beneficial results from either her point of view, or objectively speaking.

1) It would show Democrats and Republicans that there is life in the political corridors of Washington, D.C., and that her sense of integrity will not be silenced on any issue.

2) It would revitalize the Democratic Party; not only by energizing the Hilary Democrats, but by giving her fellow Democrats who are Senators and Representatives a way of saving their 2010 relection campaigns, by definitively distancing themselves from the constant parade of lies from Obama and his ongoing campaign.

3) It pull the planks out from under the Republican Party, who has not shown even as much integrity or honesty on the issue; and forestall their claim to this issue in the 2010 elections.

4) It would create a political climate in which Carter and Simandle could uphold the constitution.

5) It would completely demolish the house of cards upon which Obama has built his candidacy and regime.

6) It would be simply be the truth.

7) It would be the consummate political maneuver of the century.

8) It would put her in line to ascend to the presidency, when Obama and Biden are shown to be fraud and co-conspirator in fraud, as they are.

9) It would be her right, for having been robbed of the Democratic Nomination by fraud in the primaries (TX, MI, FL).

10) It would be “impeachable testimony,”* because it is manifestly evident from the books of law and history, and from Obama’s biographies, that his father being a british subject, at the time of his birth, causes him to be ipso fact, NOT a natural born citizen; and therefore ineligible to be president.

Finally, to those who might criticize Hillary Clinton for accepting the position of Secretary of State under Obama; it could easily been shown that for many Americans, even the best legal minds, it has taken more than a year to clarify this issue properly, and that she has now had sufficient time to inform herself and assure herself of the justice of acting now.

Lady Secretary, for the love your bear our great Nation; I ask you to use this power, which Providence has placed in your hands; and speak out!

Finally, Hilary Clinton is at the peak of her power this week, because once this moment passes, she either will be just another stooge on the ship of tyranny, or pirate on the sinking ship of fraud; she will have missed her moment for self-liberation, self-vindication, and rebirth.

If Carter should deny standing, Simandle will certain follow suit; then Hilary would be in a new position, where she could not claim a neutral legal question; and would have reason to believe that no one would heed her.  She would be silenced, and powerless to do anything other than resign, if she wanted to distance herself from Obama.

This week all eyes can look to Washington, and watch Hilary Clinton; is she the creature of a male dominated, demogagic political machine, which just plays up to minority interests, and uses women, especially her, to garner votes for an old boy system; or is she a genuine leader of woman and of men; destined to be one of the leading female figures of American History and of patriotic tradition in centuries to come.

In a way Hilary might be positioned to be a second mother to the Nation; because its very existence as a free nation lies in a sense in her hands; and she has power of life or power of death over it.

It’s your choice, Madam Secretary.

Choose Life!


* “impeachable testimony” — is not a typo. Think about it. And no, I am not refering to the process of impeachment.

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  1. I can not believe you all, to be so stupid. Hillary Clinton is
    (HILLARY RODOM ROTHCHILD CLINTON) Wake up america. She has always been a traitor to America.
    Al Gora has always owned the old Tennessee Oil Company which is drilling off the coast of Florida with China right now. The company name is Tenneco oil. For those of you who do not remember this oil company you might learn your history they are bigger than Mobile oil. Yes he is a fraud and cheat and he has much more money than his wife ever did have. He is drilling everyday for over one hundred years in the desert valley north of Backerfield California. Al Gore loves to use the Nature conservency group to cover up his crimes of polution. MM.MM.

  2. I’ve received a number of emails with nasty invective, which include the comment that Hillary would be a traitor if she followed my suggestion.

    I just wanted to point out that to betray an Angel is demonic, and to betray a devil, Angelic.

    Treachery is thus not always a crime or a sin; sometimes it can be a great virtue.

  3. I believe Hillary Clinton is first an American and then a politician. When our God given rights as Americans are challenged it is up to each American to stand up for what is ours: our liberty,our freedom and justice. This same liberty and freedom is the same freedom our forefathers died for. This blood shed should never be forgotten.
    I write music and I wrote a song and it starts like this and is called:

    “America Don’t Fall”

    My Country Tis of Thee
    sweet land of liberty.
    Why are you sleeping
    when there’s work to be done?
    Our Fathers cry out to thee.
    Do you remember me?
    Or have you forgotten
    how your freedom was won?
    So wake up America
    There’s trouble among us.
    If you can’t see it
    Your freedom soon may be gone.
    So, stand up for liberty
    that your children too may sing
    My Country Tis of Thee,
    our song.

    Terresa Oxentenko

    I believe Hilary Clinton, the American that she is, simply took a stand for liberty, and justice for all. And I believe Hilary Clinton, knows and feels in her heart what it means to sing, My Country Tis of Thee.

  4. If Hillary knew what you think she knows she would have said so earlier and if she did not know then how would she know now?

    If she knew then and did not say so – she damned well better not say so now or risk going to jail herself for allowing such a thing to happen.

    That would be about the worst thing she could do – knowingly let him take office knowing he was not entitled to it.

    They would both be rightfully subject to walk the plank!
    Mr. Charlton replies:Free Me Now: Hillary can read and study, can’t she?

  5. “Impeachable testimony” is testimony that can be discredited
    (usually used to mean “easily discredited”).

    From the tone of your post “Unimpeachable Testimony” would make more sense (this means testimony that can not be “impeached or easily discredited”). Why would you want Hillary to give testimony that can be “Easily discredited”?
    Unless I totally misunderstand the thrust of your post.
    Please Advise
    Mr. Charlton replies You are correct about what the word means; you are not correct about to what the word refers in the sentence; it does not refer to the testimony being discredited, it refers to the testimony leading to Obama being discredited; and yes, normally its a passive adjective which has the meaning you say; I used it as an active adjective, “testimony which is capable to impeach another”: alas in English we don’t have a form of this word that is not ambiguous.

  6. John:

    Well-reasoned … but I’d be wholly surprised – even shocked – should she “do the right thing” as you suggest. I believe that she, too, is too ingrained as one of the “old boys” in our corrupt political culture.

    We’ll see. I expect Simandle will rule once Carter has. The rulings will – when taken together – tell us how prophetic B. Franklin’s words about “… if you can keep it …” really were.

  7. Hillary could be out of office any day if her Eligibilty case gets decided. They have probably shelved it to use at any time. She is done..

  8. John, John, John, Hillary is an enemy of constitutional governance as much as Obama is. She is not a separate, independent political personage but is united to her former co-president, and that united team has already exhausted its permissible time in office.

    Wife + husband = ONE. The 22nd Amendment was intended to limit presidential power to two terms, and Billary has already had two terms. As Bill explained on the campaign trail last year, all of his political positions are not just his positions, they are his wife’s positions, too. Likewise, Hillary stated publicly that Bill is her her closest advisor, with whom she discusses all important questions. They are ONE.

  9. 8) It would put her in line to ascend to the presidency, when Obama and Biden are shown to be fraud and co-conspirator in fraud, as they are.

    But this isn’t true, because her appointment would be invalid.

    Mr. Charlton replies:Ace, I did not mean put her in line constitutinally, I meant politically, because of the integrity she’d show by it, and the support in Congress she’d garner; of course the appointment of replacements is made in according to an established proceedure, that does not require a SOS to succeed.

  10. Unfortunately, Clinton has probably already been neutralized if the tabloid reports about her foreign-born girlfriend/ personal assistant are true. They well might be..certainly the tabloid rumblings about John Edwards turned out to be spot on. The lesson here is that if you can get the ‘goods’ on everyone else you can pretty much do what you want and get away with it. Apparently our fearless leader has mastered this tactic.

  11. I personally think that if Carter was to grant discovery, then it might influence Simandle to follow Carter’s lead. If these two were to stand up, and follow the Constitution we would quickly begin to hear the splashes made by the Soetoro cronies as they abandon ship, en masse.