How the Standing Doctrine has opened the door to Usurpation

OF VERY RECENT PRECEDENT, A SELF-ABDICATION BY THE COURTS OF THEIR AUTHORITY TO ENFORCE THE CONSTITUTION by John Charlton (Oct. 7, 2009) — Standing is a legal concept which has been employed in many suits regarding challenges to Obama’s usurpation of office.  For most Americans it is a concept which is obtuse, illogical, and non-sensical; […]

Hosea speaks to America

HOSEA 14:2-10 by John Charlton Sometimes a passage from Sacred Scripture speaks to the issues of the day, more eloquently than can be imagined; while reading the Bible today, I came upon this passage from the prophet Hosea (Osee), which fortells the future healing of the nation in the Faith of Christ and in the […]

How the Wise have become Foolish

A BRIEF LISTING OF THE IDEOLOGICAL ERRORS BY WHICH THE RULING ELITE OF AMERICA HAVE BLINDED THEMSELVES TO USURPATION A Philosophical Sketch by John Charlton (Oct. 6, 2009) — In the last 9 months there have been numerous complaints and expressions of outrage, anger, disgust, despair, dismay, disdain and utter incomprehension at how many elected […]