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by John Charlton

In the last 24 hours the news coming out of the Director’s office at the Hawaiian Department of Health is strange indeed.

First Janice Okubo can’t spell the name Dunham correctly, on 2 different occasions (does her conscience bother her about this?); second she cannot give a straight answer to a question, yes or no; third she denies  requests which are lawfully made for information, and grants others which are not made. (See link to Leo Donofrio’s blog below)

Second, according to national standards of terminology in use for vital record keeping, Dr. Fukino’s statement in July, which refers to vital records maintained on file, indicates that these were never accepted by the Registrar of Vital Records as proven; and that therefore some information is not even prima facie evidence. (See link to TerriK’s blog below)

But which data this might be is still unknown; because HI has not authenticated the alleged 2007 Hawaiian COLB for Barack Hussein Obama; if it ever does, it has conceded all privacy rights over that document, and any person in the public could request a copy.  At least that his how the law is supposed to work.

But a lot of laws in Hawaii seem to not be observed.

First the Department of Health according to HI law must make index data available for every vital event.  Yet Okubo has denied this on at least 1 occasion (regarding to the request made by the citizen whose letter of denial was published here at The Post & Email).

Second, information requests made for types of non-vital record information which the Department must make known, are not being granted.  It seems that the DoH does not want to make anything known, because it will begin the unravelling of the hide-and-seek-game they have been playing against the entire Nation for more than a year.

Third, the DoH has played a game of “I’m not going to respond to any more questions” with those who ask the right question; and this manner of response is nowhere sanctioned by Hawaiian law.

The Post & Email had speculated that Fukino’s office was in rout.

Today we can say that full blown chaos has broken out; trying to keep a ship from sinking under its own sea of mendacity and shiftiness.

I won’t even mention that when Okubo was caught lying about the DoH maintaining divorce records, (she said they did not) that the Department shut down its website, when a citizen pointed out to Okubo that the website said the contrary to what she said.  The CDC website in DC, however, also disagrees with Okubo (let’s see if that website is also scrubbed shortly).

For the latest on these investigations and analyses, see the blogs of TerriK and Attorney Leo Donofrio.

The Post & Email, calls on Governor Lingle, Director Fukino and Dr. Anaka to end the charade, and in virtue of the Hawaiian statutes which grant them the discretion to release vital records to the public when public interest is sufficient to warrant it — and everyone except those on Mars, know that public interest and National security does warrant it — to release all the files regarding Barack Hussein Obama and his biological and legal parents, which the State of Hawaii has, either in the Department of Health, of the Office of Vital Statistics, the Judiciary, or Family Court, whether these are maintained, recorded, held, kept, or whether these are or are not vital records.  In short, the whole kit-and-kaboodle.

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  1. Remember the final sequence in the film ‘All The Presidents Men’, showing all of the teleprinters firing copy, with an unstoppable momentum? That is what this situation feels like. The Hawai’i DOH are going to buckle – and it might happen very soon.
    Mr. Charlton replies: I agree; and the same in D.C., especially when Monday morning dawns, and they each get advice from their lawyers to look out only for themselves and fink on everyone else to be first to turn state’s evidence and save their own behind. Okubo can claim she was only doing what Fukino said to do, and drop the dime on Fukino. That might save her from conspiracy charges. Anaka could do the same. So could Hillary. Who finks on who first, will be the news speculation of the subsequent days or weeks or months. You could not write a more intriguing soap-opera.

  2. Repost with reformatting

    Requested Legislative information:
    Lynn Finnegan
    House Republican Leader
    32nd Representative District
    Hawaii State Capitol, Room 328
    415 South Beretania Street
    Honolulu, HI 96813
    phone 808-586-9470; fax 808-586-9476
    E-mail repfinnegan@Capitol.hawaii.gov
    Corinne W.L. Ching
    27th Representative District
    Hawaii State Capitol, Room 330
    415 South Beretania Street
    Honolulu, HI 96813
    phone 808-586-9415; fax 808-586-9421
    E-mail repching@Capitol.hawaii.gov

    Barbara C. Marumoto
    19th Representative District
    Hawaii State Capitol, Room 304
    415 South Beretania Street
    Honolulu, HI 96813
    phone 808-586-6310; fax 808-586-6311
    E-mail repmarumoto@Capitol.hawaii.gov

    Kymberly Marcos Pine
    43rd Representative District
    Hawaii State Capitol, Room 333
    415 South Beretania Street
    Honolulu, HI 96813
    phone 808-586-9730; fax 808-586-9738
    E-mail reppine@Capitol.hawaii.gov
    Cynthia Thielen
    Assistant Minority Leader
    50th Representative District
    Hawaii State Capitol, Room 443
    415 South Beretania Street
    Honolulu, HI 96813
    phone 808-586-6480; fax 808-586-6481
    E-mail repthielen@Capitol.hawaii.gov
    Website http://www.cynthiathielen.com/

    Gene Ward
    17th Representative District
    Hawaii State Capitol, Room 318
    415 South Beretania Street
    Honolulu, HI 96813
    phone 808-586-6420; fax 808-586-6421
    E-mail repward@Capitol.hawaii.gov
    Fred Hemmings
    25th Senatorial District
    Hawaii State Capitol, Room 221
    415 South Beretania Street
    Honolulu, HI 96813
    phone 808-587-8388; fax 808-587-7240
    E-mail senhemmings@Capitol.hawaii.gov
    Sam Slom
    8th Senatorial District
    Hawaii State Capitol, Room 222
    415 South Beretania Street
    Honolulu, HI 96813
    phone 808-586-8420; fax 808-586-8426
    e-mail senslom@Capitol.hawaii.gov
    Office of the Ombudsman
    465 South King Street, 4th Floor
    Honolulu, Hawaii 96813
    Telephone: (808) 587-0770
    Facsimile: (808) 587-0773
    TTY: (808) 587-0774
    e-mail: complaints@ombudsman.hawaii.gov

  3. I can assure you that people are not just sending requests to Okubo. She’s the person responding to the requests. She’s their communications director.
    Mr. Charlton replies: Leo, that is true: my agreement with C&C below was on the issue of CCing other elected officials, because that puts them in the spotlight. Of course that might also get you put on their spam list, because they might get upset that you are doing so.

  4. Why are people just sending requests to Okubo? Why not cc and address them specifically to Fukino and to Alvin Onaka since he is mentioned in the announcement by Fukino “Therefore, I as Director of Health for the State of Hawaii, along with the Registrar of Vital Statistics” on 10/31/08. At the same time cc as well as send copies to the Hawaii Ombudsman Robin Matsunaga at:http://www.ombudsman.hawaii.gov/ I would also consider sending copies and cc to Hawaii’s Republican legislators:
    Senators 1. Fred Hemmings-Senate Minority Leader 2. Sam Slom
    Representatives: 1. Lynn Finnegan-House Minority Leader 2. Gene Ward 3. Barbara Marumoto 4. Corrine Ching 5. Kymberly Pine 5. Cynthia Thielen
    This is a meager lot but we need to leverage our efforts and point out to the omsbudsman as well as the representatives the misdirection, obfuscation, stonewalling and malfesance that has occured. This would put the Department of Health, Attorney General and any other departments on notice that all eyes are upon them. I would also suggest sending them copies of prior correspondence and replies along with an introductory letter regarding these efforts so they can draw their own conclusions.
    Mr. Charlton replies: C&C: Good point, please post a comment with the names and email addresses, with links to corroborate, and I will publish it.