Analysis of Dr. Edwin Vieira's proposal

TO REGAIN THE NATION, THROUGH POWER OF THE PURSE AND POWER OF THE SWORD by John Charlton (Oct. 31, 2009) — Dr. Edwin Vieira proposed in July that American citizens aghast at the Marxist take over in Washington, D.C., should focus their efforts on Constitutional reform through emphasis of State sovereignty in two crucial areas. […]

Dr. Edwin Vieira gives counsel to the Nation

WHEN THE FEDERAL COURTS FAIL, WE THE PEOPLE MUST APPEAL TO THE SOVEREIGN STATES by John Charlton (Oct. 31, 2009) —  With three Federal Courts giving adverse judgments in 3 separate cases, which challenged Obama to prove what he is not:  that is prove that he is eligible for the office of President, according to […]

Convert to Christ, held prisoner by Muslim parents in Ohio

WITH STATE COURTS’ KNOWLEDGE AND APPROVAL, SHAIRA LAW IMPOSED ON AMERICAN CITIZEN! by John Chalrton (Oct. 31, 2009) —  This is no trick or treat! this all Hallows Eve, a 17-year-old girl, who converted to Jesus Christ while reading the Bible secretly in her own bedroom; and who faced with death threats from her fanatical […]

Carter's not yet given a final Judgement

HAS FAILED TO IMPLEMENT RULES 54 AND 58 Legal analysis by John Charlton (Oct. 30, 2009) — Dispite all his rancor and loony constitutional theories, Judge David O. Carter has failed to give final judgment in the case Barnett vs. Obama, leaving the door open to further filings and proceedings. His ruling has not dismissed […]

Bankers gut Federal Reserve Audit Bill

RON PAUL DECRIES MACHINATIONS OF COMMITTEE MEMBER MEL WATT by John Charlton (Oct. 30, 2009) — It’s not only mischief night in America — the night before Halloween, when good kids pulled pranks and bad kids when delinquent — it seems that its Mischief Week in America:  first Judge David O. Carter tossing an Election […]

What's up in Europe?

WITH THE LOWEST EU VOTER TURN OUT IN DECADES, MEMBER STATES MOVE TO FORM FEDERAL CONFEDERATION by John Charlton (Oct. 30, 2009) — The European Union or EU, as it is popularly known, is about to take a dramatic political step, when the Lisbon Treaty is ratified by all the member states; and event that […]

Obama's power base

OPENSECRETS.ORG REPORTS ON WHO GAVE WHAT TO OBAMA CAMPAIGN LISTS POWER CENTERS OF MARXIST REGIME by John Charlton (Oct. 30, 2009) — It’s a fascinating view inside the politics, economics and geography of who backed the Marxist takeover of the Federal Government, under Barack Hussein Obama; and where his power bases are located.  Essential information […]

Let's have a Mock Trial, and put Obama in the Docket!

CWer SUGGESTS SOLUTION TO NATIONAL CRISIS, TRY OBAMA IN PUBLIC FORUM by John Charlton (Oct 30, 2009) — It’s a national imperative — the security and tranquility of the nation demand it; all want to know the truth behind it; and its a doable; a lot lest costly than organizing the 9-12 D.C. Tea-party; plus […]

Soros, Financier of the post-1989 Marxist-strategy for World Domination

HIS INTERFERENCE IN 2008 ELECTION WAS BUT THE FRUIT OF YEARS OF COLLABORATION WITH MOSCOW AND PEKING Summary by John Charlton (Oct. 30, 2009) —  George Soros, international financier and puppet master behind the throne of Barack Hussein Obama.  How did a Hungarian who traded in currencies under the Nazi’s arrive at controlling the White […]

Editorial: Oct. 30, 2009 — Carter’s Dream Land is Criminal

IN VIOLATION OF 14 U.S.C. § 242 — HE HAS USED HIS AUTHORITY TO DEPRIVE FREESE OF HIS CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS by John Charlton (Oct. 30, 2009) — If there is any member of the Federal Judiciary who should be prosecuted for using his authority to deprive citizens of their intangible rights, it is Judge David. […]

The power Bush gave to Obama to become Dictator for life

2007 LAW UNDID 200 YEARS OF TRADITION, WHICH PROTECTED CITIZENS AGAINST FEDERAL GOVERNMENT’S USE OF MILITARY AGAINST THEM by John Charlton (Oct. 29, 2009) — It’s the power Bush gave to Obama, by which the latter can install himself as Dictator for life, now that he has usurped the Presidency and pressured the Courts to […]

NH Attorney General afraid to speak with Rappaport?

AT LAST MOMENT DELANEY SAYS HE CANNOT MAKE THE APPOINTMENT by John Charlton (Oct. 29, 2009) —After 6 weeks of waiting for a response from the state Attorney General, with no action taken, New Hampshire Representative Laurence M. Rappaport asked to meet with the AG, Michael A. Delaney, to request that he take action on […]

Judge David O. Carter betrays the Nation!

DISMISSES CASE WHICH SOUGHT REMEDY FOR MASSIVE ELECTION FRAUD IN 2008 by John Charlton (Oct. 29, 2009) — In a ruling that has stunned none but those who love this Nation, Judge David O. Carter has granted the Motion to Dismiss presented by the Department of Justice, in the case Captain Pamela Barnett et al. […]

Attention Donors!

WHO MADE DONATIONS TO THE POST & EMAIL I have sent an important email to the email address you used when you made the donation through PayPal. The subject line of my email was:  Thank you! Please read it and take the action it specifies needs to be taken. Thank you, John Charlton Editor & […]

Editorial: Oct. 29, 2009 — Let's Boycott the Pink Agenda

WHAT AMERICA SHOULD DO IN RESPONSE TO OBAMA’S PHONY HATE CRIMES BILL UPDATED 9/30/2009 at 2:30 PM — With amounts of political contributions to Obama’s campaign by employees and entities associated with the companies listed, during the 2008 Election cycle by John Charlton It’s phony, it’s a fraud, and it’s the pink agenda.  Obama’s goons […]

Serby charges Land with potential Federal Crime!

AMICUS CURIAE FILING EXPOUNDS UNCONSTITUTIONALITY OF SENDING $20,000 SANCTION TO NON-PROFIT by John Charlton (Oct. 28, 2009) — In a filing which is anything but what its name means (Amicus curiae = “friend of the court”), Victor M. Serby of Woodmere, NY, has sent Judge Clay D. Land a scathing legal rebuke for the latter’s […]

Republicans in House of Reps. to thank 9-12 Tea Partiers

INTRODUCE RESOLUTION EXPRESSING GRATITUDE by John Charlton (Oct. 28, 2009) — Belated gratitude has not the same taste as immediate gratitude, but it’s better than nothing.  In this case it may also indicate that the Republican Party is waking up. The case concerns House Resolution Bill 870, introduced on Oct. 26th,  by 75 Republicans, which […]

Obama knows he is not a Natural Born Citizen according to Vattel

CITED RENOWNED SWISS AUTHOR IN LECTURES AT CHICAGO LAW SCHOOL by John Charlton (Oct. 28, 2009) —  A lot of heated debate was stirred up on the web, when The Post & Email in 2 reports published the testimony of witnesses to the 2004 Keyes vs. Obama debate, in which Obama conceded that he was […]

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