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by John Charlton

Never in the history of our nation has it been more necessary for Americans to reaffirm their identity and defend it against foreign influence and influence peddlers.

America stands at a cross road; threatened at the core of her existence, not only in her body politic, or economy, but in the hearts and minds of citizens throughout this land.

We have been invaded and infiltrated, suborned and betrayed.

Invaded, by tens of millions of undocumented immigrants with no desire to share in the American spirit.

Infiltrated by Marxists who want to destroy everything America stands for:  free markets, initiative, independence, subsidiary, innovation and common sense.

Suborned by internationalists who want a North American mega state, which would include Mexico, Canada and the United States — yes, they name them in that order!

Betrayed by the fawning sycophants of tyrant supporters and tyrant lovers, who have no love for our legal traditions, and spur the due process of law.

Will American survive Obama?

Or worse still, will internationalists use this conflict, which they created, to prop up another agent to move their agenda forward?

I personally am aghast that former Alaskan Governor, Sarah Palin, would take money from NWO Financiers in Hong Kong, but spurn the nearly 2 Million Tea Party Patriots in Washington, D. C..

Make no mistake about it. She knows what she has done:  enrolled in the college of Benedict Arnold and sold the American people down the river of careerism.

Who will lead us out of this Egypt of so many pernicious cliques and cabbals?

We The People must come of age.

We have to stop taking the leaders dictated to us by the Main Stream Media, the Mega Banks, the Major Parties, because these are all financed fronts of the mega wealthy who play us as idiots in a theater of war and politics, so that with our sweat and the blood of our sons and daughters, we can serve in their international empire to further their own enrichment.

We the People must come of age, and proclaim ourselves loyal to America, to the heart and soul of this land:  to the Constitution.

We the People must say, must shout, must raise our fists in the air, and declare.  “We are not going to take it from would be dictators and aristocratic snobs!”  We the People are the sovereign rulers of this nation: we and we alone have the right to rule this country, for the welfare of ourselves, and for our own futures.  We are were not the slaves of the British Empire, we shall not be the slaves of a New World empire.

We the People must proclaim, henceforth, a new American Nationalism.

Americans for America!  Patriots for the Constitution!  The free sons of Lady Liberty, for the freedom of the next generation!

We the People must take pride in what we the common men and women of this nation gave and built.  It is not the super-wealthy nor the powerful who built this land: it is We the People who have done this, by God’s grace and providence!

Let us take up a new banner, and proclaim a New American Nationalism

Let us uphold right and justice, denounce totalitarianism of all kinds: put American first, and cleanse this country of all foreign influence which seeks to enslave us.

Away with all the traitors in Washington!

Away with all the traitors in the major parties!

Away with all the heartless and godless exploiters of the little man on Wall Street!

We the People have come of age. We need to stop taking the milk-bottle of the propaganda fed to us by these egomaniacs and support only the common man and woman. Let us be no longer Democrats, Republicans, Independents or Libertarians.

We are more than 100 million strong: we have shown the power of our arm in Washington on the 12th.  United we can oppose all foes foreign and domestic.

Let us not betray ourselves, by allowing others to lead us:  the time has come for We the People to Rule: for We the People to choose our candidates and for us to take the initiative.  The Main Stream Media has betrayed us; D.C. has betrayed us:  let us therefore betray them, and renounce their scams once and for all.

Let us oust everyone in Congress; let us turn our backs on the fawning liars in both parties.

Let us be Constitutionalists, American Nationalists!

Let us agitate and take decisive action this fall to support a new generation of citizen-politicians, who share these ideals; let us give generously to them, knowing that they alone represent We the People.

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  1. That’s the spirit, and from the spirit comes the will to succeed. This is the kind of patriotism I saw at my local T.E.A. party on Sept. 12. But I hesitate to say “oust everyone in Congress,” tho I can’t think of any offhand that deserve to be retained. Surely there must be a few–at least one or two? I’ll keep looking.