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by John Charlton

(Sept. 21, 2009) — Attorney Leo Donofrio announced this evening at his blog, that a citizen journalist, who goes by the name TerriK, has, in communication with various Hawaii officials convincing evidence that Barack Hussein Obama’s vital records were altered, ostensibly at his own request in recent years.

Donofrio promises to assist this citizen journalist in filing a lawsuit in the State of Hawaii to uncover the pertinent information, which, according to Hawaiian statutes, every citizen has the right to, but which she was denied in her lawful requests:

We will bring this litigation according to the following statute provision:

§92F-15 Judicial enforcement.

(a) A person aggrieved by a denial of access to a government record may bring an action against the agency at any time within two years after the agency denial to compel disclosure.

(b) In an action to compel disclosure the circuit court shall hear the matter de novo. Opinions and rulings of the office of information practices shall be admissible. The circuit court may examine the government record at issue, in camera, to assist in determining whether it, or any part of it, may be withheld.

(c) The agency has the burden of proof to establish justification for nondisclosure.

This allegation, if proven true, would seem to greatly undermine Obama’s claims regarding the most basic facts of his “birth story”.

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  1. It would be great to see Hawaii’s feet held to the fire of truth, but a similar torch needs to be carried somehow by someone to officialdom in Kenya, where I believe the Great Deceiver was actually born.

    If Obama had been born in HI, he would be imprudent to the point of mental incompetence not to provide a certified copy of his birth certificate. The fact that he has not provided same satisfies me that he cannot do so without nullifying his tenure in office.

  2. I hate to say this, but I said this sometime ago. If backed into a corner Bearick would throw his parents marriage under the bus, just like everyone else. He would then be NBC through the Mother { illegitimate child}, case closed. Unless he was adopted by Lolo Sotero and made an Indonesian citizen. Then who the heck knows, what a mess.
    Mr. Charlton replies: In my editorial “The Price of Shame” I had argued that Obama could remove the legal obstacle to eligiblility by amending his vital records and removing his father’s name from his original vital record (I presumed for the sake of argument that he was born in HI; I don’t know where he was born for sure). However, I have been criticized on several blogs, on the grounds that the British Nationality act of 1948 grants British subject status to even children born out of wedlock; and that for an illegitimate to be a natural born citizen in the U.S.A., was intended in the strict sense of “no one but God knows who your father was”. It is a legal fact, endorsed by decades of self-testimony, that Obama’s father is Obama, a british subject; he cannot evade the legal consequences, then, that whether legitimate or not; he had dual citizenship at birth, and therefore cannot claim nbc status by admending his vital records. If he has amended them at the start of his presidential run, or thereafter; then that is a prima facie admission that he is not eligible.

  3. Mr Obama appears to have come to the conclusion that if the ‘facts’ of his carefully crafted life story do not fit the Constitutional Requirement to be a ‘natural born Citizen’, then he must change the ‘facts’. This is not a problem for his ‘Ministry of Information’ – unless We The People get to find out about it.

    Expect to discover that Mr Obama’s Mother has been declared unmarried at the time of his birth in August 1961 and possibly also that his Father has been declared ‘unknown’.

    It is firmly believed, by those of us who have properly researched the matter, that ‘natural born Citizen’ in the context of Article II, section 1, clause 5 of The US Constitution, means born in The USA to two parents, who were BOTH Citizens of The USA at the time of the child’s birth. Therefore, ‘The Dreams of My Father’ (African born British Subject, Barack Obama I ) have, by now, probably been unceremoniously dumped by the Usurper, Barack Obama II. Mr Obama is probably relying on the presumption that no Court will dare to try to force him to take a DNA test.

    Our reply must be – “You want to be POTUS? – It’s your responsibility to prove your eligibility. If you choose not to, then there are plenty of other people, who ARE willing to prove their Constitutional eligibility, who would be more than willing to take your place in The White House”.