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 A Guest Editorial by Cody Robert Judy

George Washington
George Washington

George Washington was a man who walked his talk and knew all too well what maliciousness government was capable of. His charge was a principle of Liberty; His Character of Freedom.

I have often contemplated what manner of men and women ought to serve our Nation in the best way and how the public could possibly elect them. To gather my point, how many people would elect someone who campaigned for let’s say President and said, “I’d like to run the Presidency out of my garage”? 

Strange thought? — Well maybe — what could the public discern out of such a statement?

He wants to reduce Federal Control, expand and respect States’ Rights and Individual Personal freedom and liberty?

What I’m implying is sometimes the public is so superficial that they don’t look deeper into a candidate’s motives, actions , ideas, and most importantly heart. George Washington commanded great respect for his deeds and his words and there were reasons men would follow him into battle without any hesitation. Think of commanding such great respect and loyalty…and the true characteristics of men and women running for office these days.

I will give you this; I will give you that; seems to be the candidate’s toll that brings the voter to his or her circle?

The House of Representatives is a two year election cycle. These folks seem to get voted out when they don’t bring home the Pork to their State. Well, the pork is simply your taxes coming back to you with interested being charged and you vote for the guy/gal who can pull some strings to get it back to your state. What character demands this?

Every think of owning a store, supplying it with wholesale goods and than having to go in and pay retail prices at it? People forget they are the store wholesale suppliers and their States need to stand up to the Federal Government being too intrusive and gaining too much control.

The Senate is supposed to be a body possessing more wisdom and good judgment. They don’t get voted out every 2 years. They are in there for 6. Now, what’s the advantage? Well, they are supposed to have enough courage to do things with a little more perspective down the road: Like you would as a parent saving for your kids’ college when he’s 10 years old. He might not get as much candy allowance, or get to go swimming one time a week, but when he is ready for school he thanks you for the discipline. Senators are really supposed to be Constitutionally Defensive. That is a rarity in deeds, but they all write it in their letters…I have dozens that go like this..  “I’m really concerned about Obama’s citizenship, but Hawaii said it was all good and I believe them. I’ll keep an eye out and want you to know I’m a staunch defender of the Constitution”.

That to me is the act of cowardice towards our Constitution.

When a hearing is called, it’s to make sure of something, remember ‘trust but verify”? They have the power to call hearings, subpoena witnesses, and when they don’t defend our Constitution I have a big problem. The U.S. Senate R’s, also as a minority, could call for a “Hearing of Verification of Qualification on Obama”, and save millions of dollars being spent on legal fees by our own U.S. Attorneys picked by Obama and ordering them to defend him!

People’s time and talents and their fortunes are being scorned at in the process as the job is delegated to little guys who have sued in court for proof of Obama’s “natural born citizen status” like Allan Keyes and me… and about 50 others. Who pays for all of this? We citizens are doing that; some asking for donations others dipping into their own family budgets. I for one never received a nickel of money in the form of donations and I’d estimate it cost me with time over 1000 hours and well over $2000 in expenses.

Start looking at all these law suits and seeing how much time is being put in and then you start to get mad at your Senators for sending you the dry letters. Calling for a hearing is a “deed”, filing a law suit is a deed. Things like this take a lot more work than say spouting off something as a campaign promise. I think things like this are important to factor into picking candidates that have their heart and soul in the defense of the Constitution. When you don’t pick candidates like this, you get disappointed and then angry.

All too often the reality sets in after the election. Like a headache the next morning, we have voter remorse and have to deal with the drunken stupor of the night before when everything free seemed to make so much sense, but we didn’t realize the politician was going to exact the taxes from you-know-who, to pay for it all, and we were suppose to like him/her for it. This is not public service, but rather a recipe for public outrage as we are seeing now unfold in Washington DC.

The indecent thought of a socialistic state renders the individual in a frame-of-mind that is self loathing, a lack of self esteem, and rather in a state of low confidence and dependency. This paves the way for communism.

As the voter gains hate for him/herself, discouragement gets the better part of him/her and they assert the State needs more control.

Just the opposite needs to happen: A candidate that says: I believe you can…I believe you willI will NOT DO anything to impede your progress. I will give you opportunity by staying out of your way.  I’ll be in the garage and I will be there to serve you in the exploration, and the ingenuity of your dreams. I know you have them and I believe in you, that is the kind of politicians we need.

However, as our Republic stands also for the individual, meaning the government is not going to come in and redistribute “your personal wealth” to the poor, we have to stand up for the Constitution. It’s the one defense of an individual, from the majority. You need a fair trial, you need evidence used against you, you need representation if you can’t afford it and all these rights if they go, will go because you didn’t find a man or women who realized how important they were to in fact represent you!

I believe our forefathers had so much insight by what they penned.

Who would think, for example, of writing in a Constitution for a Republic that “no prior servitude should be used against you”?

I think they knew there would be bad man who would arrive in sheep’s clothing and good men who would be draped in wolf’s clothing.  That justice’s would be turned upside down and inside out. That bad would be good, and good would be bad. The spiritual character of say biblical Patriarchs, while upheld in plain site would never be elected. Why would we elect a David, (smaller than all his brothers who by the eye might have been better); Why would we elect a Moses, (not a very good speaker) but ask ourselves why did the Lord choose these men? The Lord says, he looks into their heart. men of the heart.  America’s needs the same kind of heart and that’s why we need to stop looking superficially and look deeper.

Interesting that I thought of Moses, when our nation is in such need of being “led out of Egypt” and in to a promise land — a pun of being led “out of the debt and into the savings account” as far as our National Debt goes.

I see no reason for entrepreneurship not to exist in a leader; this also has to do with calling in a good cabinet: Men and women who can be experts in specific fields. My economics professor use to pull his hair out and ring his hands with the disaster our politicians put on positive incentives and economic success. Leaders we hope will have good ideas and better ones on how to pay for them with something other than taxes. While I ran for office many fellow candidates would say, “Cody has some great ideas”, but they never implemented any of them when they won.

I thoroughly believe in America and the fact that we are much richer than any politician has led anyone to believe. Why else would the world want to make us ‘slaves’? I look at America as having right now, one hand tied behind its back, in the boxing ring, with someone saying they want a fair fight. As a consumer of products we are depended upon, but not respected. It’s time to turn that around. It’s time to produce some goods, harvest our crops, build our cities, build our refineries- let our oil out, and let loose the arm that is tied behind our back.

With the characteristics’ of courage, integrity, and a good heart America will find a safe haven.

I’ve always respected a leader that said, here’s where we are. I’ve had to make some tough choices. That feeling you have when you know it’s hard, but you know it has to be done too: That harmony of union between two parties.  Perhaps not a guarantee, or a risk free environment, but one that allows risks, allows failure, and still sticks with ya; Maybe like a good spouse does, when you’re sick or you lose your job, or are wounded and feel no one has your interest. Maybe a good coach who knows tough practices, win the games.

America was not built on a guarantee. America was built on an experiment and what we have to build upon is our dreams. Dreams are in fact America’s greatest natural resource.

I personally believe that America is going to have to show some resolve, determination, integrity to some principles of our Constitution to gain the respect of the world. That is better than apologizing for America when we are the bottom line of Freedom and Liberty ringing in every soul.

Electing leaders isn’t a game show of picking between the lesser evils; it’s a choice of integrity and when you realize your voting on your children’s future a wiser choice comes to mind. I have wondered how many American’s would want their future politicians to have been on the front line with the Constitution when it came to a defense of the Constitution. One simple question that is easily asked, “where were you when it came to our most important position of electing a President who is a ‘natural born citizen’ as our forefathers and our Constitution mandates?”

Where were you and why were you where you were in that fight? While we were out on the ledge in a precarious and awkward position, were you safe inside waiting to see which way would be popular? This is a good way to determine wither your leaders have any courage. Taking ‘stage presence’ as ‘courage’ is pretty theatrically amusing. While one requires a great actor, the other demands a ‘profile of courage’. I call upon those wanting to be the next President and ask, “Where are you Sarah Palin?”; “Where are you Mitt Romney?”; “Where are you Republicans?”

If politicians don’t defend the most important office in the land with the integrity and zeal of a patriot owing up to the oath they took in office, why would you want to give them the trust of our Nation? I have spoken with many people who said “there are more important issues”… I have to disagree. “As the President goes, so goes the Nation” has merits to its direction: whether it is into slavery and socialism, on a course towards communism, or whether it is towards an irrepressible spirit of freedom and independence.

These are two roads, both well traveled, but only one having the success of America!

American’s heart may just show you how to vote.


About the Author:    Cody Robert Judy is the author of:  Taking A Stand-The Conservative Independent Voice.

Mr. Judy “has run a fair amount of campaigns for office and through some hard experiences has gained some wisdom and understanding of our Judicial, Legislative, and Executive Branches of Government:

1-Cody 4 Congress  U.S.  Congressional 1st District- UT. 2002

2-The Senate Looking Good Campaign” for Utah U.S. Senate 2004

3-The “We can do this campaign” for President 2008.”

  Cody Robert Judy can be reached through his web site, at: http://www.codyjudy.us

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