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by John Charlton

money-bagsYou’ve got that right!

I am sick and tired of the liberal hacks telling me I have to listen to them!

I am sick and tired of the Main Stream Media pushing their perverted ideas of morality and politics day and night on TV!

I am sick of the progressive trash, that infests the corridors and apartments of the American body politic!

I am, in a word, “I AM FED UP!”

And the only solution is to go on a spending spree, and buy those things I need to clean house!

And the money I am going to use, is my political capital, as an American Patriot!

2,000,000 of us patriots, marched into Washington, D.C..

That means something.

That means more than any other political reality this year.

The DNC and GOP now have to listen to me; because I have the POLITICAL CAPITAL, the right to be heard; and the right to get what I want for a change.

The above words are the words that every American patriot who was in Washington D.C. yesterday, has the right to take as his own.

Yesterday was the beginning of the American Popular Revolution.

We cannot let it stop.  We must take the next step.

We must clean house.

We must make demands.

We must remove a lot of politicians, who are utter nit wit, marxist pigs.

We must tolerate nothing, no more, no way.

This is our Country.

Our Christian Forefathers colonized it, build it, liberated it, and founded it.

This country was not colonized by Marxists, not built by Socialists, not liberated by Tories, and not founded by progressive idiots.

Therefore they have no right to control federal or state government.

I do.

Because I am an American.

The Constitution was written by my forefathers.

And I ain’t gonna let anyone fool with it no more!

Hands off!

Yesterday you heard America by thunderous voice, in 2,000,000 of my fellow patriots.

Now get ready to feel my punch.

I am not going to go home quietly.

I am going to come out fighting.

You’ve thrown down the gauntlet, Mr. Pretty Boy…with your call for “Change!”

Now meet an American patriot!

My fellow patriots, let these words be your words:  you have a right now to change the government; to be heard, to make demands and to receive what you demand.

Demand liberty. Demand the ousting of the British Usurper. Demand the conviction of the DNC and GOP leadership for foisting ineligible candidates upon us, for robbing us of our birth right to choose those who govern us, according to the Constitution.  Demand heads roll at the major Networks which push propaganda 24/7. Demand heads roll at your local newspaper, which refuses to print the truth.

Freedom and liberty never meant propaganda and servitude.

Stand up!  And spend your political capital!

Let this be our peaceful, but forceful REVOLUTION!

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  1. This is our banter, our creed, our guiding principle…..Copy this…….place it on your desk, in your car, on your fridge; read it several times a day lest we forget, we will win. We’re just getting started!!!