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Editorial by Judy Parejko

It was a day of renewal and of commitment to this country:  Land That We Love.

The size of the crowd was larger than expected.  One of the first speakers, at the Rally, was a car dealer who told the crowd how he’d been forced out of his business by the government. He said the dealership would now be given to someone else.  His anger was palpable.  Can this be America?

A fireman who’d worked at Ground Zero was there and proudly spoke about how glad he was to be there.

While most of the speakers were white, blacks expressed particular outrage – they wanted people to know they are not ACORN.

The speakers insisted they are taking back the country in 2010. That’s when the mid-term election takes place.  There was no mention of Obama’s growing “eligibility” problem or that he might not make it through the mounting legal challenges until 2010.

The speakers were respectful, courteous, and determined.  The music was great.  The excitement was contagious.

One happy couple became engaged while there.  “What better place to make a commitment than here,” he said, showing off their rings and holding her hand while looking into the camera.

Has the sleeping giant really awakened?  If so, do these masses know how far-gone this country is?  Do they know what happened to them in 1899, 1917, and 1933?  While an explanation here would take too long, those who recognize the dates will understand.

The turnout in Washington may signal there is still hope.  Like the last speakers said:  “Today is not the end — this is just the beginning.”

There is a lot of work to do – the voting booth cannot be the only focus.  The work will need to be widespread.

The first part will be an education like you’ve never had before.  It will include a civics lesson like we never had in school.

If you’d like to start now, start with a copy of the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution.  Then, read the Federalist Papers.  There’s also an obscure publication called The Jefferson Manual that you need to read.  It gives “rules of engagement” for our lawmakers.  Have you ever heard of it?  I hadn’t. It requires that all new bills must be read cover to cover, on the floor, with all members in their seats – on three different days.

While you’re reading all of these resources, don’t forget to intersperse them with the Bible.  Maybe after all of that, you’ll be ready for the next assignment.

It won’t be easy, but it will be exciting.

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