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by John Charlton

(Sept. 12, 2009: 9:45 PM Eastern DLST) — Just minutes ago Niel Turner issued a public announcement, based on his personal communications with Attorney Orly Taitz, who is presently in Washington, D.C.; regarding Taitz’s two cases, Captain Pamela Barnett vs. Obama, and Captain Connie Rhodes, M.D., vs. McDonald.

In the more recent case, Rhodes vs. McDonald, in GA Federal Court, which regards Capt. Rhodes request for an emergency stay of her deployment to Afghanistan, on the grounds that Barack Hussein Obama has not demonstrated his lawful holding of the office of U.S. President, Attorney Taitz disputed the claim of the government attorneys, that Capt. Rhodes “failed to show in Court”, according to Turner.

Turner declared:  “The Government attorneys lied to Judge Land in court (in Columbus, GA) on Friday when they told the judge that the Flight Surgeon, Capt. Rhodes (who is the plaintiff refusing to obey orders for deployment until they can be proved to be ‘lawful orders’) , just failed to show in Court, when they knew that she was ordered to remain on base back in Kansas.”

During the hearing on Friday, in this case, Attorney Taitz rebutted this false claim, by producing “a notarized statement from the plaintiff (that had been scanned and then emailed to her), stating the facts of the matter.”  It was “perjury, pure and simple,” says Turner; ” And, needless to say, the Judge was ‘PISSED’ (Orly’s words – in English, and in Russian, I believe).”

Attorney Taitz will be back in Court, on behalf of Capt. Connie Rhodes, in the Columbus Federal Court House, at noon, on Monday.

In the meantime, Dr. Orly Taitz will return to California, to begin discovery in the case, Barnett et al. vs. Obama et al.

The Post & Email had previously reported widespread speculation that discovery would commence in the principal action.  At that time Mr. Turner could not verify exactly for The Post & Email the status of the matter.  Now Turner, after speaking with Taitz has clarified, declaring that discovery will begin.

Orly is proceeding with ‘DISCOVERY’ based on:

a.     Judge Carter’s words in Court to proceed in a timely and expeditious manner;

b.    the Government’s (Cardona) Application for Stay: “This court should stay … with the exception of any discovery which Plaintiffs can demonstratethat they need in order to counter said motion (to dismiss).” It is arguable that the original hospital birth certificate is absolutely essential to demonstrate that dismissal is not appropriate in this case;

c.    and the actual COURT ORDER by Judge David O. Carter setting a Scheduling Conference for October 5, 2009 (CASE NO. SA CV09-0082-DOC (ANx) in the Case of BARNETT et al v. BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA et al., especially lines 3 – 6 (page 2): the Court encourages the parties to begin discovery before the Scheduling Conference. The parties shall comply fully with the letter and spirit of Rule 26(a) and thereby obtain and produce most of what would be produced in the early stages of discovery, because at the Scheduling Conference the Court will impose tight deadlines to complete discovery.

“Let the subpoenas and the servings begin,” concludes Turner.

Update Sept. 13, 2009 — 11:40 PM E DLST: Dr. Orly Taitz has published a post about this case at her blog; and the above mentioned affidavit of Captain Rhodes, stating she prevented by orders from attending the hearing; both of which confirm above annoucement by Mr. Turner.

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  1. Communist Rules for Revolution (1919 Germany)…

    Mr. Charlton replies: You have the makings of an editorial or blog post, Lisa, in this comment. But it’s much too long for a comment, here; please see our About page for our policy. If you like to submit it for consideration as a guest editorial, email it to me.

  2. It seems to me if there is a presidential order sealing Obama’s records then the case will have to go to the supreme court to be resolved IF the court will hear the case.

    That is about 2 years out just to get on the docket.
    So what, the lower court rules Obama to show birth records, Obama does nothing, claming executive privilege of national security. The case dies unless appeals are made.

    Now we need to have a court case regarding national security and does the president have the right to protect the USA, and rights to privacy. These cases mostly fall to the Presidents favor.

    In the mean time the press goes crazy calling the plaintiffs black haters, racist, trying to get out of war duty, and the parade of Obama protectors goes into high gear saying look how many cases have failed, Judge Clark is a racist, all lies of course and smearing begins.

    I would love to have great hope on Obama being honest with the USA people, but I cannot find any.

    But none the less, GO FOR IT. YOU have my support.


  3. I started posting facts from my research on Barry Soetoro, his legal name, aka Barack Obama, on May 08, 2008 that he was not an American citizen, that he was Kenyan born Muslim and held two passports from two foreign countries of which he has traveled on. I have faith that truth will prevail and that his co-sonspirators will be revealed starting with Nancyy Pelosi, the Party Chairperson for the DNC who issued two candidate certificates for Obama. One with the official legal statement that he met the Consitutional requirements under our Consitution to be a candidate for the Office of President of the USA. And, a second certificate with the legal phrase of meeting the Consititutional requirements deleted.

    All of his co-sonsipirators when revealed, should be held accountabile for criminal and civilian charges for the fraud committed and cost to the electoral system because of the greatest scam every committed on the American people and our Republic.

  4. The good news is Judge Carter is not dismissing it! I was present at the hearing Sept 8th, and we are lucky to have Judge Carter. He is ‘tough’, Conservative, thorough, and fair. He is making damn sure that this is all done procedurally correct, so when a ruling does come forth it remains a strong one.

  5. The motion to dismiss in California was filed by the DOJ. (Taxpayer $)

    Not Obama’s attorney’s- which are paid for by campaign funds.

    Yes- just show the damn docs.
    I bet his college records indicate that he got aid to foreign student for college.

  6. To the best of my knowledge, Obama himself has spent 1.3 million dollars to fight this, it is not coming from the taxpayers. (at least this is my understanding). The more compelling question is: “why spend 1.3 million to hide something, when it would only cost $10 to produce it”?

  7. What will come of this? I have known of this issue of his birth certificate being legitimate for about a year now, but how can this happen? It is really scary knowing that our country has been taken over by the likes of this.
    Has our country been overtaken so deeply by the far left that we will not recover from this? Each day I worry of what else will happen or how our rights have been stolen from us. What scares me the most is that many Americans will not know what has hit them till it hits them hard!
    I wish the Americans had took a stand when Obama was running for president. Have they waited too late?

  8. Obama, stop it please. You just need to qualify yourself as should have been done before you were put on the ballot! What is the big deal. McCain presented his birth certificate when asked by the Democrats who controled the Congress and had a hearing about it, before he got the nomination!

    We have an elite class who have decided they are above the law and the law is what they say it is! Forget the constitution! The Judicial Branch needs to really step up or we are not going to have any rights or any elections.

  9. This man is guilty of treason. He must be impeached and all who conspired with him to take down our nation need to be tried for treason and punished.

  10. Orly’s website is


    She needs your support and prayers! Pray for the safety of all those involved! God bless America! He is not qualified according to Article II, Section 1…but is destroying our constituion every hour of everyday! He must be removed so a new election can be held!

    She is a true example of an American Patriot using their love of God, country and family to save us from the evil in charge!

  11. Who are the “AGs” mentioned in the headline? That’s an abbrevation for Attorney Generals, right?

    Is the public announcement on-line somewhere?

    Is Mr. Turner the official spokesperson for Ms. Taitz?

    How does one turn a “personal communication” into a “public announcement” without violating someone’s privacy?

    Mr. Charlton replies: Mr. Turner contacted me, on his own initiative; and was authorized to do so, as I understand it. You can read our previous coverage of Barnett vs Obama and Rhodes vs. MacDonald at this link.


    for the names of the AGs involved.

    And Yes AGs is the accepted Internet abbreviation for Attorney Generals.

    Yes, this public annoucement is online: at the Post & Email; subsequently Dr. Taitz published another nearly identical annoucment at her blog: http://www.orlytaitzesq.com/blog1

    BTW, its Dr. Taitz, not Ms. Taitz.

  12. I find it hilariuos that the current administration is going to require people to prove citizenship to get Obama Care ,when Obama cannot prove that he himself is a citizen.

  13. What I find fascinating is that Barack Hussein Obama admits in his book Dreams of My Father his father was born in Africa and never became a U. S. Citizen. Doesn’t that fact, alone, disqualify him to be POTUS because of the “natural born citizen” requirement. What is there to discover about that? The birth certificate would be even more perfect, I agree; but, how much clearer can it get than BO, Jr. stating that fact about BO, Sr. Also, when Alan Keyes said to BO, Jr. on C Span during a Senate seat debate “You’re not even a Natural Born Citizen” BO, Jr. rebutted, “I’m running for Senate, not President”

    Mr. Charlton replies: Yes, that fact alone; admitting his father was a British subject at the time of his birth, forever disqualifies him from holding the office of U.S. President, constitutionally. What we have in Washington, D.C., now, is an unlawful Executive Branch, unlawfully given recognition by the Congress and the Supreme Court. In 7 Supreme Court rulings, a natural born citizen was recognized as “one born in the country of parents who were citizens” thereof. There is no other definition of a natural born citizen. And being such is an absolute requirement of Article II, Section 2, paragraph 5, of the U.S. Constitution, which alone is the supreme civil law of the United States.

  14. IF Obama has nothing to hide why is he fighting this question so vigorously and why has he spent approximately $1Million to fight it?

    I am more interested in his college/school records than his birth cerificate.

    Why has our Supreme Court not pursued this matter?

    I contend that he is a fraud.