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by John Charlton

US Rep. Joe Wilson (R-SC), American Hero, in Joint Session of Congress, Sept 9, 2009

Some folks have gumption, spunk, and guts…we say, when they are out in front, showing initiative, courage, and that brightness of character that makes average men and women take note, nod approvingly, and incline to admiration.

Some folks have gall, nerve, and chutzpah…we say, when they distinguish themselves for an obvious lack of propriety, self restraint, modesty, and that shadowiness of character that makes average men and women raise an eyebrow, turn askance, and incline to distain.

Since the presidential election of 2008, the Main Stream Media (MSM) has gone beyond the pale of merely biased, slanted reporting:  as millions of Americans turn off the television, cancel their newspaper and magazine subscriptions, and log on to Internet blogs and chartrooms, it is becoming increasingly obvious and objectively verifiable that the MSM are not reporting the news, but rather pushing propaganda.

Today, I want to point the finger to an egregious example:  Yahoo News.

When you want to be objective and give a good appearance of such, you don’t choose someone to the right or left of objective, but someone clearly known as such.  When you, instead, choose to publish a story by someone who is, left of left, far left of left, or even outrageously beyond the left goal post, you say more about your News Service than the story such a writer may pen.

Such is the case of Yahoo News, September 10, 2009, in the story they put in front of their online readership, by Glenn Thrush: “Wilson’s rallying cry“.

When a non-MSM internet site names Glenn Thrush as “one of the most despised journalists in the country”, you know the image you are presenting about your news service, by selecting him, is in left orbit.  You have thrown down the glove, as it were, and challenged your readership to think outside of the box, way outside; beyond left field, beyond the progressive highway, across the pacific waters of liberty, and way over to the shores of Red Dictatorship  — oops, I meant to say “Red China”!

No need to regurgitate Thrush’s pabulum:  his take on U.S. Representative Joe Wison’s (R – SC) outburst aimed at Obama’s patently false assertions on the Medicare Reform bill, during the Joint Session of Congress, is that it will become the rallying cry of Obama’s supporters to steam roll over all opposition and public concerns.

Thrush’s logic is not just warped, it’s the proverbial “licking the boots of your master”, in journalistic dress.

Even MSM sources like Media Matters, cite Thrush as an inventor of controversy, to wit, to defend Nancy Pelosi with fawning delivery.

But when the Internet is abuzz with acclaim for Wilson’s remarkable courage in yelling, “You lie!” to Obama’s face, accompanied by the “how dare you!” looks of Pelosi and Biden, with stories and video now widely available on the internet (Google returns 380,000 hits for “Wilson yells You Lie”), you really have to take note, not at Wilson, but at the egregious bias of Thrush and YahooNews.

As one pro-Obama security guard retorted last week, in response to a citizen protestor who had remarked, “This used to be America!” — “It ain’t no more!”

YahooNews deserves a citation for leading the pack of the MSM in support of dictatorship, an award that The Post & Email will gladly bestow.

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