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A Call for the formation of a United Front for American Liberty

Guest Editorial

May She ever wave proud and free
May She ever wave proud and free

I believe that if we Americans do not take a united, organized stand against Obama this fall, the nation will fall to fascism.  In this editorial, I wish to:

1) first point out the similarities between Barack Hussein Obama and Adolf Hitler,

2) and then point out the danger of doing nothing;

3) and then propose a National coalition effort, with specific resolutions for groups, churches, towns, officials, representatives, individuals, gun owners, and private citizens and tax payers.


First, I recommend every American, especially those who are thoughtful, to read The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich, by William L. Shirer (Wikipedia Article:  Book available at Amazon.com).  If you do, you will agree with me that there are at least 33 similarities between Hitler’s pre-war seizure of absolute power in Germany, and Barack Obama’s first 7 months as U.S. President.  For those who have not read the book, I list these here, as they come to mind:

1) Like Adolf Hitler he was not born eligible to be chief executive.
2) Like Adolf Hitler he used party apparatus to seize power in his name.
3) Like Adolf Hitler he is constantly harping about race issues.
4) Like Adolf Hitler he has cut deals with major corporations to guarantee their profits if they support him.
5) Like Adolf Hitler he has organized labor in his pocket.
6) Like Adolf Hitler he has demonized Christians and patriots who oppose him.
7) Like Adolf Hitler he is putting forth bills in the national legislature to give himself more power.
8) Like Adolf Hitler he believes he is the nations Messiah.
9) Like Adolf Hitler he is organizing youth into brainwashing programs.
10) Like Adolf Hitler he opposes the political aspirations of Jews in Palestine.
11) Like Adolf Hitler he promote abortion, gun control, health care to give himself more power.
12) Like Adolf Hitler he loves cuddling babies and children.
13) Like Adolf Hitler he has a mesmerizing effect on those who listen to his political speeches and don’t try to think.
14) Like Adolf Hitler he buys his opponents as friends with power and money.
15) Like Adolf Hitler he has tacit support from chiefs of military.
16) Like Adolf Hitler he is building concentration camps.
17) Like Adolf Hitler he is involved in germ warfare.
18) Like Adolf Hitler he forges alliances with anti-Semitic Muslim States.
19) Like Adolf Hitler he forges alliances with Italian manufacturing companies (Fiat for example).
20) Like Adolf Hitler he is praised by enthusiastic crowds in Berlin.
21) Like Adolf Hitler the national legislature affirmed his citizenship.
22) Like Adolf Hitler he is totally supported by the Press and those who oppose him are harassed or shut down.
23) Like Adolf Hitler he disparages whites who are not of his lineage as inferior.
24) Like Adolf Hitler he is a socialist and a fascist.
25) Like Adolf Hitler it is all about him, not about serving the country.
26) Like Adolf Hitler he demands absolute loyalty from followers to himself.
27) Like Adolf Hitler his followers are willing to violently attack his opponents.
28) Like Adolf Hitler, he is supported by radical homosexuals (Brown Shirts in Adolf’s day).
29) Like Adolf Hitler, he moves supporters to public events to give a show that he is popular.
30) Like Adolf Hitler, he is praised in the foreign press at the beginning of his reign.
31) Like Adolf Hitler, he promotes Kensyian deficit spending, to subborn the economy to the State.
32) Like Adolf Hitler, he makes disparages the freedoms enjoyed in the USA.
33) Like Adolf Hitler, he never admits a mistake.

I could add that both wrote biographies of themselves (Mein Kampf & Dreams from My Father) before ascending to the chief executive office.


But the chief reason for Hitler’s success in Germany was his incrementalism.  He did not do everything in 1 day, or 1 year.  He worked progressively to strip all laws opposing him in the country, and to realign all allegiance to himself and place all power and authority in his hands.

And this incrementalism worked, for 1 simple reason:  the rank and file of Germany citizenry was passive and only reacted; they had no proactive organization to oppose Hitler.  And so he could easily crush each group independently.

We Americans are also are in that boat, we are reacting to every news item about Obama’s increasing grasp for power and control, but beyond simply political rallies (e.g. Tea Party protests)  and mailings, we are doing nothing.

If we continue on our path, and Obama on his, we will have an American Hitler in Washington, D.C. within 24 months.

Do we want that?

And even if we do not believe that is possible, do we care so little for America, that we are willing to risk that, by failing to organize a united front against him?


We have to stop merely reacting; we need to stop putting hope in there being any conscience or sense of ethics in the Democratic or Republican party; it is obvious that after 9 months, they are very willing to get alone to go along:  even the best of them think that politeness with a dictator wannabee is more important than defending the nation!

Therefore, it is absolutely necessary, for the sake of National Security, for the sake of preventing the loss of American liberty, that there be forged a united resistance-coalition among all Americans and all patriotic groups and churches, which will state categorically and work for this end, that they wish to uphold the constitution, preserve law and order, and opposed Obama’s march toward totalitarianism, and that they are willing to risk life and fortune and honor for the sake of the nation and the future generations.

To this end, I ask you to cut and paste this editorial on every forum and blog you participate in.


— I call on all Americans to fly their American Flags outside their homes and work places on September 17, which is the Anniversary of the Ratification of the Constitution of the United States of America, in 1787.

— I call on all patriotic groups which have defended the constitution, or any right therein, to agree upon a date to hold a National Protestation of American Liberty, and that on that day, whether by signs in front of homes and businesses, on talk radio, TV, cable, or on Internet Sites and blogs, to announce their support and membership in a UNITED FRONT FOR AMERICAN LIBERTY, against fascism, Marxism, socialism, statism, and all enemies of the Constitution, of the American Way, and against all foreign powers which are supporting those who wish to erode American liberties.

— I call on all American citizens who are gun owners, to similarly pledge on that day their allegiance to the Constitution.

— I call on all American taxpayers, to similarly pledge not to pay federal income taxes, if Obama should deny any right guaranteed by the Constitution.

— I call on all members of the armed forces, police etc., to renew their oath of loyalty to the Constitution of the United States of America.

— I call on all Federal employees to renew their commitment to the Nation, and disavow personal loyalty to anyone who would use their political authority to undermine the Constitution or rights of American Citizens

— I call on all State officials and legislatures, all judges of the state and federal courts, to renew their oaths to uphold the Constitution.

— I call on all towns across American to develop contingency planning in the case of armed conflict directed against the American people by the Obama Administration:  such contingency planning should call for severance of all ties with the Federal Government and Federal Agencies; issuing of a call to arms in a municipal militia for the purpose of national defense, first of the state, and then of the country; interruption of all communications and transportation of Federal Assets being used against the American People; detention of all those who pledge loyalty to or cooperate with the Obama Administration in his dictatorial government; formation of citizen grand juries for the trial and detention of such traitors; collaboration with other towns which have pledged membership in the United Front for American Liberty.

— I call on all American citizens to work for the recognition and membership of their town in this United Front; and to recruit US Military, National Guard, Police, Firemen, and municipal and school personnel to this effort.

— I propose that this united effort and all who participate in it, be identified by the term CONSTITUTIONALISTS, or United Front for American Liberty.



From time to time The Post & Email will publish guest editorials by anonymous American patriots, who believe the truth must be spoken, but who personally fear for the safety of themselves and family members.

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  1. I just posted another article about the similarities between the Obama camp and Nazi Germany. This quote tells the tale:

    “The organization of our press has truly been a success.
    Our law concerning the press is such that divergencies of opinion between members of the government
    are no longer an occasion for public exhibitions, which are not the newspapers’ business.
    We’ve eliminated that conception of political freedom which holds that everybody
    has the right to say whatever comes into his head.”…. Adolf Hitler


    See: http://citizenwells.wordpress.com/2009/09/12/obama-camp-joe-wilson-nazi-germany-adolf-hitler-democrat-hypocrisy-obama-lies-democrat-leaders-demand-apology-from-sc-representative-joe-wilson-hands-off-wilson-dont-back-down/