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By John Charlton

I was very glad and fortunate to have as my first post, an interview with a seasoned journalist from Kenya, who was a close personal friend of Barrack Hussein Obama, Senior, and a familiar associate of Sarah Obama, the US President’s co-grandmother.

One of the first things to strike my interest was actually a peripheral minor detail.  Perhaps you noticed it too.

The currently recognized president of the United States of America, is Barack Hussein Obama; his father is Barrack Hussein Obama.

Notice that?

What’s in a name?  In this name “Barack”, spelt with 1 letter “r”, there is a mystery hidden.

Why do I say this.  Because it is not spelled the same way as his father’s first name.

OK, so what?

Well I did a search on the web, for sites in Kenya, which use or cite this name, to undertake a statistical investigation as to the variations in spelling of this name.  And this is what I found.

A search for Barrack with 2 r’s has 1700 hits, with one letter “r”, 118,000 hits at Google — a minor detail, until you note which talk about whom, but when you exclude key words which refer to the US president (president, america, USA, victory, inauguration) there are only 60 hits in all of Kenya which cite the name “Barack” without referring to the US president, that is, as a local name of other Kenyans.  However, when you use the same exclusion on “Barrack” you get 3,970 hits.  A search for “Barrack Hussein Obama” gets 283 hits, but “Barack Hussein Obama” 166 hits.  A search for “Barrack” excluding “Hussein” and “Obama” gets 609 results, and “Barack” with the same exclusions 450.

Clearly, the usage of “Barack” is associated with the American President, most of all; but “Barrack” is the more common form of the name given in Kenya.  As for the spelling of the name of the President’s father, I do not think any reader will dispute that his life long friend should know better than they, how to spell the name.

Is any of this pertinent or significant?  Who knows for sure, but it does point to another fact, which is known, and seems to reveal the deeper mystery involved.

I refer to the alleged Birth Announcements in 2 Hawaii newspapers which appeared in Aug. of 1961, listing the address of a home owned by the Lefforge’s, but which the Polk Title Gazette cites as rented to the parents of Stanley Ann Dunham, the mother of the US president. (cf. this link  for Source on images:  Honolulu Advertiser, Aug. 13, 1961, page B-6, “Health Bureau Statistics”:  The Star Bulletin ad-image, does not include page number or date)

This is how the Birth Annoucements read:

“Mr. and Mrs. Barack H. Obama, 6085 Kalanianaole Hwy., son. Aug. 4.”

Notice that?

Perhaps it is nothing.  Now take a look at the summary of dates from college transcript information for his father, at the University of Hawaii.  It is once again “Barack”.

But at a pro Obama political site, you find the father identified as “Barrack”, the son as “Barack.”  The Biography Channel Blog also carries this spelling for the father. And so does CBS news, and the Ethiopian Review site. Indeed there are 32,000 hits for the father under this name at Google.  Even in Kenya, at People for Peace in Africa, the father’s name is spelled this way

At least this much is certain.  Those err who might accuse Mr. Omolo of misspelling the name of the presidents father.

But what if, Barack is named thus because Barrack was not present to correct the error on the filing for his birth?–Plausible, possible. Hmm.

We already know that there is no evidence to show that Ann and Barrack lived as husband and wife; it seems rather to have been a marriage to protect her honor; with Ann’s mother actually making preparations to ship her off to Washington for College, immediately after the birth.  Even Barack later wrote of his grandmother, Madelyn Lee (Payne) Dunham, that she was a racist.

‘Just could not have the embarrassment of a half-black child of an unwed mother; so keep the daughter at home till the birth, and ship her off immediately afterward!’

If this is what happened, it might have been convenient for the Mother to file an at home birth, and arrange the birth to take place at her home, on Kalaniaole Hwy.  That might explain an error in spelling; the father was no where present.  The marriage was for honor, not love. The at home birth, hid the shame the Grandmother felt.

And this might explain the mysterious motive behind Barack’s refusal to disclose his original vital records.  Because the at home birth filing, may have indicated the race of the child; and Madelyn L. Dunham  might have put down “white”.  And in race politics, you can sell “white” to get black votes.  And it was predominately Black voters who put Barack into the Whitehouse.

It may be as simple as that.

It may be as simple as the fact that Barack has never come to terms with the shame of Madelyn Dunham.  It is said there is no photo of them together in the last 25 years. So feelings might have been mutual.

If if that is all it was, then as our President, Barack should come clean; it’s not his fault.

However, what if that is not all of it….?

In my next editorial, I will discuss the Price of Shame, and how Obama might have had to pay a heavy price, to become a legitimate US President.

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  1. I agree that the marriage of Obama Jr.’s parents was merely arranged–for pay?–to legitimize Ann’s child. All the evidence shows they never meant to live as spouses.

    Facts and reasoning also indicate that Ann’s mother was the hidden hand in handling the inconvenient birth, and it is therefore plausible that Madelyn, utilizing the laxity of the new state’s birth-registration rules, simply mailed in the birth form on which she stated that the child was born in Hawaii, though he may have been born in Kenya.

    This could explain why Obama is determined not to reveal his real vault birth certificate. It would show that his claim to Hawaiian birth is derived from merely a relative’s word. No doctor or hospital record for corroboration.

    In 1961 Hawaii lacked the long tradition of western lawmaking of other states, and its various birth-registration methods reflected a laid-back, Pacific-Islander attitude toward record-keeping. I understand Barack’s half-sister, who was born in Indonesia, also has a Hawaii “Certification of Live Birth” just like the one Obama scanned for his website. In any case, under lax HI rules all grandma Dunham had to do to “prove” Hawaiian birth was to affirm the child was born there.

    Meanwhile there is a signed, certified birth document with high face validity that shows Obama Jr. was born in a specific hospital in Kenya, just as his paternal grandmother and others in Kenya have said.


    Mr. Charlton replies: See the article on this blog, entitled “Born in Mombasa?” — I personally would like to see 1 authenticated document about Obama, other than the divorce decrees.

  2. If you look at the Nordyke twins birth certificate there is no place to record the race of the child. Only the parents race is recorded.

    Are you saying Madelyn would put down caucasian for Barrack?

    Mr. Charlton replies: Its my understanding that the Nordyke record is a hospital generated form; a filing for an at home birth is different, and includes an entry for race of parents and child; but you are correct, Madelyn could have put down “caucasian” for the father…we just don’t know.