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By John Charlton

Drawaline.org has in just a short time ignited a huge grass-roots movement in Texas:  has gathered 1 million signatures and is approaching the governor today, in Austin, asking for a firm declaration of State Sovereignty in the face of massive Federal Intrusion in state functions.

What and who is Drawline.org, and how have they managed to achieve so much in such a short time?

For an answer to these questions, I have the distinguished opportunity to interview Mr. Gerry Donaldson of Drawaline.org, just before he headed off to Austin for today’s rally.  The interview follows below:



Mr. Gerry Donaldson
Mr. Gerry Donaldson

MR. CHARLTON:  What is Drawaline.org, a website or a grass roots movement?

MR. DONALDSON: Drawaline.org is a website I created as a centralized location for much of the activist work I am involved with. In regards to this Sovereignty or Secession rally, I was asked if I could place the petition on my site and collect the signatures into a database and I happily agreed.

MR. CHARLTON:  Tell me something about more your organization.  Are you, for example,  a membership organization?

MR. DONALDSON: Drawaline.org has no membership per se. We have subscribers.

MR. CHARLTON: What are your goals and objectives for the State of Texas?

MR. DONALDSON: The ultimate goal of everything and all the groups I’m involved with is the complete return of our government to its constitutional boundaries as originally intended and the restoration of all our inalienable rights, enumerated and unenumerated in the Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights.

MR. CHARLTON: Do you think this effort is sui generisto Texas, that is, applicable or workable only in Texas, or do you see yourselves giving rise, directly or indirectly, to other similar efforts across the nation?

MR. DONALDSON: At present, I’m aware of 12 states that are actively working on the same “Sovereignty or Secession” Demand and Petition process which mimics the process our American founders used to obtain their sovereignty from Great Britain. Interestingly, while gathering the Texas petition signatures, we have had people from 35 other states also sign it. We have to remove them for submission to our public servants, but it gives us the means to follow the progress in other states.

MR. CHARLTON: What are you attempting to do on Saturday, Aug. 29th?

MR. DONALDSON: We are attempting, through the petition, its delivery to the Governor and all county public servants, to demand the return of our complete sovereignty, state and individual, or we will be forced to call for a vote of secession.

MR. CHARLTON: How did you manage to collect so many signatures in such a short time?  And how can other patriotic movements imitate your example?

MR. DONALDSON: When asking this question, I believe you are referring to the petition by Texas Nationalist Movement and not the “Sovereignty or Secession” petition on our site. They are working with us on this event, but their petition directly calls for a vote of secession.

MR. CHARLTON: What affect do you think your effort on Saturday will have?

MR. DONALDSON:  The nationwide and international interest in this event has really raised the ante here. It is impossible to determine just how many attendees will be there, but reports of all the chartered buses from around the state and coordinated group efforts of at least 20 organizations to attend, tends to support the fact that this is a cohesive grassroots coalition that will have a major impact on the political future of Texas.

MR. CHARLTON: What are your prospects for the future?

MR. DONALDSON:  We intend to keep building the momentum here in Texas, possibly taking this rally to all the county seats in Texas. In addition, in coordination with www.tenthamendmentcenter.com, we are going to be working heavily with all 37 states currently working on 10th Amendment resolutions.

MR. CHARLTON: Your organization talks of succession:  do you really mean to start a Civil War, or is this a metaphor for re-emphasizing states rights under the 10th Amendment?

MR. DONALDSON: When talking about secession, it is highly unlikely that there would be another Civil War. There are too many factors that are completely different than they were in 1861. The U.S. could not afford to fight this kind of fight today and there is no “Mason-Dixon Line.”  Mass numbers of people across the country, in every city, share the sentiments that the U.S. government has become a tyrannical, despotic system of oppression. These people, for the most part, have not been counted in the political numbers. They are liberal and conservatives that typically fall in the independent category. They outnumber the hard-line Democrats and Republicans 4 to 1.  In addition, most states are looking to Texas and will follow suit quickly.

MR. CHARLTON:  How can other citizens in Texas or across American help you out?

MR. DONALDSON: Primarily I’d say that they need to become informed on our founder’s principles as opposed to the revisionist history and ideology that our public school system has taught. They need to determine where they themselves will “draw a line in the sand,” and ask themselves just how much abuse they are willing to take. Imagine the liberty our founding fathers intended and maintained, especially between the election of President Thomas Jefferson to the mid-1830s when these founding principles were followed fairly closely. Check back at www.drawaline.org as we’ll be posting our efforts regularly.

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