Jewish Socialist mocks Kerchner Advertorial

THE INTERNATIONAL CADRES DEFEND THEIR OWN News Analysis by John Charlton (Dec. 7, 2009) — The concern of common Americans that their federal government has been taken over by international socialists, was substantiated last week, when former Socialist Democratic Party leader, Daniel Finkelstein, wrote a short piece in the Times Online, mocking the Kerchner advertorial. […]

National Rivalries scuttle EU’s ascendancy

“NOBODIES” CHOSEN FOR NEW PRESIDENT AND FOREIGN MINISTER, BY POWERFUL NATIONAL BLOCS by John Charlton (Dec. 4, 2009) — Any expectation that Europe would take the stage as a world power, with the approval of the Lisbon Treaty establishing a quasi-federal system of continental governance, were dashed this week with the appointment of “backbench” “nobodies”, […]

Swiss amend constitution to outlaw Islamic Minarets

HAILED AS A STUNNINGLY COURAGEOUS BLOW TO THE ADVANCE OF FANATICISM THROUGHOUT EUROPE by John Charlton (Dec. 1, 2009) — Yesterday the hearty people of the Swiss Confederation, known popularly as Switzerland, voted overwhelmingly to amend the national constitution to outlaw, forever, the construction of Islamic towers of prayer throughout the entire coutry.  Such towers […]

Britian to beg EU to give back its sovereignty

EUROSCEPTIC LEADER GOES BACK ON PROMISE TO HOLD REFERENDUM AGAINST LISBON TREATY, WHILE STAGING ANOTHER PLAY News Commentary John Charlton (Nov. 9, 2009) — It’s a scenario no one would ever have imagined might someday come to the shores of America, but the threat of the establishment of a world-wide control of nations, economies, and […]

Lisbon Treaty Ratified

POLITICAL ELITES REJOICE, CITIZENS DISMAYED BY ANTI-DEMOCRATIC METHODS USED TO ADVANCE EU by John Charlton (Nov. 4, 2009) — With the Czech President Václav Klaus‘ signature, yesterday, the Lisbon Treaty was ratified and Europe began a new and uncertain future of centralized control by a secularist power elite. The Jerusalem Post covered the signing: Klaus, […]

European Court of Human Rights orders Italy to remove Crucifixes

PRETENTIONS OF COURT’S AUTHORITY CONDEMNED BY ALL POLITICAL PARTIES OF ITALIAN REPUBLIC AS VIOLATIONS OF ITS CULTURE AND SOVEREIGNTY (Nov. 4, 2009) — Rogue courts are not endemic to the United States alone, nor are rogue justices who use their authority to undermine the Christian culture of the common man. Yesterday, the European Court of […]

What's up in Europe?

WITH THE LOWEST EU VOTER TURN OUT IN DECADES, MEMBER STATES MOVE TO FORM FEDERAL CONFEDERATION by John Charlton (Oct. 30, 2009) — The European Union or EU, as it is popularly known, is about to take a dramatic political step, when the Lisbon Treaty is ratified by all the member states; and event that […]