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by Gunnery Sergeant John McClain, USMC, Retired, ©2013, blogging at Gulf1

(Aug. 29, 2013) — I began life as a mechanic wearing three-cornered pants, and from the first, “natural law” controlled everything I did.  Being a technician means one can’t ignore or defy nature, gravity pulls, water is wet, and the earth rotates, period.

By Nature, “first law has the greatest impact”; minor aspects of such have ever-diminished importance.  “You get out no more than you put in” is among the most basic of natural law.  Its definition is in “the law of diminishing returns.”  These two laws underlie every system we know of, and yet it is both these laws which the left, self-identified as “progressive,” deny without evidence.

Some 400 years ago, Columbus set off to avoid the Pirates of Tripoli to find the way to India, the land of gold, frankincense and myrrh, and ran into the coast of north Florida.  He was greeted with warmth, fed, given shelter, and shocked by the nature of “Noble Savages” he had discovered.  His return to Europe was with a few Native “friends,” and Europe was stunned.

Columbus’ return was shocking, the notion of civilization and culture in stone-age living was unexpected; his demonstration of his “friends” brought back caused “the civilized world” to reconsider empire and colonization.  The Pope declared a halt to all colonization by Catholic, a convention of religious leaders was summoned and the entire idea of “a modern world colonizing a backwards and uncivilized people for God’s Sake” was almost discarded in favor of meeting, exchanging enlightenment, and treating the “new world” from a different perspective.

Only the stories and facts which Cortez sent back in reports, substantiated by his testimony on his return, ended the whole almost three-year effort of reconsideration.  That the experience of one explorer caused the majority of “self-described moral and ethical people” to halt the building of empire and “the spreading of the gospel of Jesus” demonstrates the truth which underlies the stated purpose of exploration, and demonstrates, indisputably, those who took on such exploration were, in the majority, truly making it “for the Glory of God, and to “extend His Kingdom”, even while greed, power, and lust drove the exploration as well.

The intent of our founders to see an egalitarian form of government, serving “the people”, and being in service to God, was no sudden knee-jerk, but the natural expansion of man’s world.  The colonists understood the impact of Cortez’ reports no less than the Europeans did.  Their intent of keeping “the rights of an Englishman” was well supported by the discrediting of “The Noble Savage” as common.  Those settlers had that vision of what could be, fleetingly, and yet considered its implications as they found themselves losing what they had not measured or counted, the extent of their freedom to roam, clear, and establish, the liberty to see a possibility, know their own resources, and envision the work that would make the dream reality, all this was suddenly seen in hindsight, as the eastern seaboard became little less than “West England.”

The idea of making the new world in accordance with new ideas, put forth by pure reason in the consideration of man’s entry into the world, and the natural equality in absolute need, made sense to those risking all, with no promise for an end, and with such a start, it was quite logical for those doing the job, deciding how it would be ruled when they were done with making it workable.

To do so was to set their ideas against those held by almost every nation of the world.  Their stated plan, their beliefs, and their reasoning undeniable, but the intended outcome was equally outré, unbelievable, and startling. Those who had explored and experienced the world understood, but no one else really did.

Our confrontation today is exactly the same as it was at that time.  Those who would rule the whole world because they have power, know how to wield it, and can, continue to believe the world belongs to those with the will and capacity to subdue the rest.

Those who see a vast criminal accumulation in our government understand what man has always fought against.  Those who stand behind its encroachment, expansion, who easily deny totalitarian intent while preparing to host world government are the exact same enemy of freedom as always existed.

The American experiment in “the republic” was no more than taking that Roman notion, using wisdom gained in two millennia since, and “doubling down”; betting again on that old idea, with ever more “liberty teeth” than before.  The same forces used the same techniques to bring us down.  The only question is, are we willing to risk it all to try to stand it up again?

The republic is gone, what America will be in the future is to be decided by this generation.  We have been offered a fascist form, ruled by terrorists, and they back their offer with power shown in high definition in Egypt, Syria.  We can accept it or reject it.  World government is the intent and always has been.

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