The Fine Art of the Whine

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by OPOVV, ©2013

If Obama does not quality under Article II of the U.S. Constitution to serve, why is everyone calling him “Mr. President?”

(Feb. 18, 2013) — We’ve all seen it:  a little kid going through the “Terrible Twos,” yelling and screaming, “Mommy! Mommy! I WANT it!” while pointing to some sugar- filled concoction prominently displayed, almost within reach, for those who ride in the grocery cart’s seat, facing towards the rear (what, planning on coming to a sudden stop?). Clever marketing technique unless, of course, you’re the parent of an out-of-control kid: thanks for adding yet another sugar-filled aisle, we all really appreciate it, we really enjoy the drive home from the grocery store listening to “I WANT IT! I WANT IT!”

I had that experience a time or two when my kid just wouldn’t shut up. My solution? I took the kid outside and I sat down on the sidewalk with my back against the wall with the kid in front of me and just let him whine away. After he vented, I said “Are you done?” and that was his end of the “Terrible Twos.” He never gave the same performance again, I’m proud to say.

But he (my kid, oh, sorry, my child) learned to manipulate his parents in new and devious ways, which was amusing.  Whenever he gave a particular fine performance, a performance that only a parent could love, we gave in to the demands, within reason. One year, when he just turned 16, he wanted a new Porsche, but we got him a Porsche substitute: a used VW station wagon, automatic with air.

We’ve all seen adults whine, “Bad call by the zebra (referee),” but they were off-sides three times during the game. Or “I didn’t have enough time” when they went out to the bar on Friday and Saturday nights. Same with turning in the book report late, and so on.

I thought I had seen the best nominee for the “Best Whine” when I was in Vietnam when I asked the Dude in charge why we stopped giving fire support to the Marines and he answered, “Because we reached our quota (in rounds fired).” That was my #1 for over 40 years until this morning, when I was watching Faux News, and they had this Fort Hood guy on who took “The Art of the Whine” to a whole new and yet undiscovered level.  I kid you not.

We all know that our country has been invaded and is in the process of being taken over, but it’s not a done deal yet, and the jury is still out as to the final outcome, but if this clown that was on Fox this morning is any indication of what the others in our military believe, let me tell you, I don’t think we can rely on our military to uphold their Oath as much as we thought. This clown was asked, if he could say something to the de facto major embarrassment of an illegal immigrant Muslim felonious president, what would it be? He responded by saying, “Mr. President, our Commander in Chief, please…”.

Despicable and disgusting. Did he vote for the Cheap Suit? Would he fire upon US citizens if ordered? Who did he vote for in 2008? In 2012? I’m sorry, but if our armed forces are admitting people with such a low threshold of reasoning, what next? Burnings of Old Glory, the Constitution, books, people?

Yes, today marks a whole new ballgame, when our soldiers serving with Muslims in our military, with a Muslim de facto president, don’t get it, don’t understand that it’s Sharia Law about to replace the Constitution, Civil Rights, and Freedom.  If they don’t understand that the JCS have turned traitor, then they just better watch their backs, because the US military’s ranks are increasing with Muslims daily, and that’s not a whine.  It’s a fact.


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