A Nation of Weaklings

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by OPOVV, ©2013

The “Ground Zero Mosque,” also known as Park51, opened to the public in September 2011 as an Islamic “cultural center,” with expansion planned in the next several years.

(Feb. 2, 2013) — What happened to us? We’ve raised a bunch of whiners, crybabies, little birds sheltered in the safety of the nest, sitting there with their hands out, ready to grab the next government check to be given to them. “Entitlement” money used to be garnered from the brow of the taxpayers; nowadays it’s just green pieces of paper printed by the Treasury for the privately-owned corporation that calls itself the “Federal Reserve Bank.”  Its real name is “The National Bank of Deception,” because the only customer service that they provide is a hefty profit for themselves, with a vig that would embarrass the most aggressive loan shark.

Americans are a “Nation of ’fraidy Cats.” Planes are hijacked and flown into buildings, and we debate whether or not the pilots should be armed. Our kids in our schools are gunned down, and we debate whether or not our teachers should be armed veterans with qualified teaching certificates. We debate having a draft for our military. Oh, that’s right, what say we have a meeting about the “Ground Zero Mosque” or whether we should or should not deport Muslims and, I’ll say it, ILLEGAL immigrants.

An honorable military veteran is verboten to present a defense in his military court martial. That’s the same as your local District Attorney saying you’re a drug kingpin, have you arrested, tried in a kangaroo court, then thrown in Leavenworth prison for six months; so you lose your job and the pension that you worked hard for over the past 18 years. Gone. Kaput, and there’s nothing you can do.

We have a Secretary of State who epitomizes the current mindset of the cowards in our nation’s capital. Our Attorney General has refused to prosecute voter intimidation, attempted to undermine the Constitution (Fast and Furious), and runs Justice as if it’s a “Muslim Better Business Bureau.” And then we have Napolitano, who can’t get a handle on deporting undesirables (Muslims and illegal immigrants). The list goes on and on and on.

Besides Congress, the DOJ, the legislative branch of the government, our completely untrustworthy media, and whatever comes out of the White House, the Joint Chiefs of Staff are the nation’s biggest disappointment since the Challenger disaster. Here is a group of people who took the Oath and spent years of their life playing politics, but when it came down to “put up or shut up,” they all hung their heads and walked away to claim the front-row seats at the State of the Union Address: proud of the flag, the uniform, and their country, you think? What about their conscience, turning their backs on the Oath that they took to “defend” the Constitution? The flag that I served under isn’t the same flag we see today.

Or is it? Obama’s job is to destroy our Constitution, and he’s doing a darn good job of it. The economic turmoil that we’re in has been manufactured on purpose to usher in Socialism, to force people to be dependent on the government for subsistence. It’s a well-planned and executed takeover, with Congress and the media abetting the outcome.

“A Nation of Weaklings?” I think not. As I’ve been harping on ever since this cheap suit, known as the usurper de facto clown of a president, Barry Soetoro/Obama, was nominated back in 2008, I’ve been advising, pleading, suggesting to all of you to buy weapons, ammo, and practice, practice, and practice shooting the foe between the eyes, for it’s better to have a gun and not use it, then to need a gun and not have it. Think it over.


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