The Blasphemy of Oaths and the Pretend Two-Party System

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by Gary Stevens, ©2013

Does the oath of office swearing fealty to the U.S. Constitution still have meaning?

(Jan. 24, 2013) — Inaugural ceremonies at every level are blasphemous public performances. The oath-taking portends a serious God-fearing (hence, hand over Bible, or even two) commitment to upholding, protecting, and defending the Constitution as a binding, legal framework document governing the Republic, The United States of America.

What does the hand over the Bible signify? Is it tradition? Is it binding? Are there consequences for failure to keep the oath of office? We can Biblically analyze texts of reference to oath taking and historically document its practice in various religious and/or governing contexts.  Since space and short attention spans rule the intake of opinion formation, let’s breeze through observations that defy logic in the public ceremonies of oath-taking.

First, why take an oath in court? What is the basis of the oath? It is presumed that putting your right hand up and swearing (it was over a Bible as precedent) that testimony that followed was indeed true. True, meaning no lying, false witness, or altered statements proceeded in words. Does our “yes” mean yes and our “no” a solid no?  We now have a dilemma. The Bible (and its summary of law in Commandments) has been thrown out by the court (on which it was formed) and ruled unconstitutional as a religious practice in judicial matters. So why use it to swear in an office position? Does the same law apply?

Second, if the oath is broken (negligence, overt defiance, etc.), what are the consequences? Are politicians upholding their oath? Does the present state of this Republic indicate an adherence to Constitutional decrees, values, freedoms upheld by the oath-takers? What authority enforces the adherence to the oath by the oath-taker? When the oath of office is broken …ummm? Interesting assumption, when is it broken? Who decides the breach has taken place? What line has been crossed that constitutes oath-breaking? The sham of the ceremony is primarily accountability. If accountability is nonexistent, the oath is irrelevant.

Third, how does a nonbeliever swear on a despised (by unbelief) book called the Bible when that book (its verses) is banned from courtrooms and most schoolrooms across the Nation? The hypocrisy and deceit flaunted to millions as legitimate entry to authorize (the swearing in) the office of Congress members, justices, military officers and presidents is simply a contradiction.

Not ONE member of government has fulfilled his oath of office. Republican or Democrat. ALL have broken their oath of office. A cursory glance of public office performance reveals the concerted effort to subvert the Constitution, not uphold it. For example, the basic requirement of an Art. 2, Sec.1, Cl. 5 natural born Citizen qualification for president has been ignored, squelched, and demonized. The non-vetted status of Barry Soetero (aka Obama) violates the very tenets of loyalty insisted upon by the Founders, specifying the “natural born” clause. This is only one glaring example. There are so many more.

The oath-taking ceremony is a public testimony of allegiance, integrity (fulfill the office honestly), and moral conduct.

Now, if only our country could find ONE oath-keeper!

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