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by OPOVV, ©2013

What is the real identity of “Barack Hussein Obama?”

(Jan. 20, 2013) — Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide. Identity theft is tantamount to murder, because that’s what happens: your credit gets murdered, which is the next thing to getting really knocked off.  You have no idea what a bad day is, financially speaking, until you get a call from a bank, a car dealer, and a department store, all on the same day, from Denver, about your late payments but you’ve no house there, and the last time you were East of the Mississippi River was when you were sent to Vietnam out of Parris Island.

Welcome to your nightmare. Identity theft is big business and growing daily.  Think about it:  for every illegal immigrant there is some form of false identification, and the Social Security number is the Holy Grail which will open bank accounts and get credit cards delivered wherever the thief wants, from Seaside Heights to Seal Beach, let alone from Acapulco to Tokyo.

Getting caught using a Social Security number not issued to you will get you arrested and a free ticket to a deportation hearing or a reserved room at one of the many prisons throughout our country.

Obama has allegedly used a number of stolen and/or fake Social Security numbers for many years, along with his numerous aliases, phone numbers and addresses, many of which could be vacant lots. We know of at least 22 such false identities, and when one person uses so many false identities it can mean only one thing: money laundering.

The Social Security number of the de facto president, Obama/Soetoro, Barack/Barry, is a stolen number.  In other words, the number that Obama is currently using was not issued to him. It was apparently issued, however, to Harrison J. Bounel, a person who was born in Russia in the year 1890. Bounel may have died in Newtown, Connecticut.

Obama’s Social Security number was issued to Bounel and NOT to Obama, or whatever his name is. Look, there’s no way possible to ignore identity theft; there’s no way to “look the other way.”  There’s just no possible nor plausible explanation for having and using a STOLEN SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER without committing fraud. Impossible.

Hey, Mr. U.S. Attorney General, we got ourselves a felon.  Whatcha going to do besides doing your job, besides making sure the laws of the land are enforced? You going to wuss out?  Are you going to wallow in the gutter of dishonor along with Obama, or are you going to just do the job for which you were ostensibly hired, to uphold the laws of the land?

Truth be told, OPOVV has the required qualifications to be President while this lying cheap suit Obama is nothing but an illegal Muslim immigrant and should be, at the LEAST, tarred and feathered and run out of our country, and everything that he had anything to do with shall be rendered null and void.

The End of Obama’s reign: stolen Social Security number, caught red-handed.

End of story. Kick the bum out.







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