To be Proactive or Reactive, THAT is the Question

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by OPOVV, ©2012

The game of chess is believed to date back to 6th-century India, when it was called “chatrang” or “chaturanga”

(Dec. 29, 2012) — Depending on the situation, I’m more likely to attack than defend a stagnant position. When playing chess, without a moment’s hesitation, I will use my King as an attacking piece. Some chess players like to sit around and “see what develops.” Not me; I attack, from as many different directions simultaneously as possible, and probe for the weak defensive point constantly. I have no qualms or hang-ups about retreating and will pull a piece back immediately so I can use it to cause future devastation upon my enemy.

Once upon a time, in a place far away and a long time ago, I was “volunteered” for a “humanitarian” mission where I got to use the very strategy that I learned, and it worked: it’s better to be audacious than timid, and it’s better to follow a lousy plan than no plan at all. At least with a bad plan you have a stated objective, like the difference between “surviving the night” vs. “waste them all and let’s eat breakfast in peace,” which is what we did.

And here’s the point: are we going to placidly wait until the bottom drops out, or are we going to actively go on the warpath and seek out and destroy our enemy before he takes all our weapons, the internet, and the First Amendment?

The enemy is weakening our military to the point that the only ones left will be those who have no idea what the Oath means to “defend and protect the Constitution.” It’s already happening, starting with LTC Terry Lakin’s kangaroo Court Martial, to the Navy supporting so-called “rebels” (al Qaeda) in Libya, to giving the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt even more weapons to kill Infidels (Jews and Americans), and out-and-out support of the “rebels” (Iranians) in Syria.

Gays in the military, women on the front line and, wherever there is a Muslim, the enemy knows everything about troop strength, weapons, deployment plans, weaknesses, frequencies. Iran is tightening its noose. The World Wide Caliphate may be a reality unless the United States (that is, you and me) can make up our minds, get on the same page, and put an end to this worldwide madness once and for all.

Respect must be earned and given only to those who have demonstrated a track record of doing the right thing. Do you think any of the branches of our government deserve respect? Does the Supreme Court deserve your respect for allowing a candidate who was NEVER vetted to be allowed on the ballot, let alone be the president? Do members of Congress deserve your respect for NOT bringing up Obama’s non-existent Birth Certificate? And do Obama and his Cabinet deserve your respect for not deporting illegal immigrants, for allowing millions of Muslims within our borders, for letting the Federal Reserve Bank steal billions of our dollars, for allowing China to rob from us with impunity, for trashing our Constitution?

Writing letters to your legislators, be they State or Federal, is just a waste of your time and a stamp. For that matter, so is complaining to the choir, as is going to court for redress of harm that is, and will be caused by this administration’s blitzkrieg on the Constitution. CAIR and the Muslim Brotherhood are operating openly in our country only because the Attorney General, Eric Holder, is one of them. Think about it: the only thing we have in our favor is the Second Amendment.

I want each of you to visualize who and where the enemy is in your immediate area. Learn where the radio and television stations are located. We outnumber our enemy; this is our country, and we have Right on our side: the Constitution; whereas they only have Hate. So, once again, it’s the fight of Enlightenment vs. Ignorance, Freedom vs. Slavery, Equal Rights for All vs. No Rights for Everyone. The forces of Light vs. the forces of Darkness.

We need armed Patriots to step up to the plate, just as generations of Americans have done before us. It is our Right, it is our Duty, and, so help me God, it is our Privilege.


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