The Post & Email Wishes You a Merry Christmas

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by Sharon Rondeau

(Dec. 24, 2012) — We wish to take a moment to wish all of our readers a very blessed Christmas.

On this eve of Christ’s nativity, we pray for oppressed Christians and Jews throughout the world; for those who have committed evil acts to change their ways and accept Christ into their hearts; for the victims and families of the Sandy Hook atrocity and other acts of violence; and for the safety and health of our friends and loved ones.

We pray for humility and forgiveness for the sins which have brought America to her knees and that through our own moral strength, we can rebuild her to be the “shining city on the hill” and land of opportunity.  That can be done only through hard work, integrity, longevity, and the highest level of honor in dealing with other people.

The Founders knew that “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.”  They prayed constantly for divine guidance, which we must also do more than ever before.

We pray that our nation can be brought back from the abyss, one person at a time.  If we follow Jesus’s well-known advice, America can be restored to everything which was great and good about her.

Let us never give up, and let us never be fearful of exposing the truth in whatever we do.  This will be America’s resurrection.

Merry Christmas.


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