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by OPOVV, ©2012

The USS Arizona was one of 21 U.S. ships attacked on December 7, 1941 by the Japanese Navy

(Dec. 10, 2012) — It has often been said of skeptics that even if the Truth came up and bit them, they wouldn’t know it. Truth be told, there are some so-called Truths that aren’t really true after all. Take, for instance, the easily understood concept of halving something. Let’s say you’re a baseball pitcher and you’re about to pitch the last pitch of a no-hitter and this crazed mathematician comes running out onto the field and yells “Guaranteed strike if you mathematically cut the distance in half until the ball hits the catcher’s mitt!”

A light bulb goes on in your head, and if a cartoon were ever made of the event, you’d see a light bulb above your head with yellow lines radiating from it, because for the first time in your life something you learned in high school is usable. So if you take the number man’s deal, the ball would NEVER reach the catcher’s mitt and, eventually, the game would be called due to inclement weather: a “no-hitter” with an asterisk.  You say “No deal,” throw the pitch, game over, and, best yet, a real no-hitter without the asterisk.

We know from life experience that the ball winds up in the catcher’s mitt, deal or no deal, with as many bean counters as you can fit on a head of a pin. We live in the world of instant pictures, but if the caption is skewed, then so too is our understanding. Imagine a photo of someone eating a meal. The caption could read “Condemned man’s last food” or “Prisoner of war freed and enjoying a hot Red Cross supper.” Same photo.

Some photos are self-explanatory. The photo of the USS Arizona sinking in Pearl Harbor is one, planes flying into the Twin Towers another. These days there’s absolutely no excuse why Americans can’t understand what is about to happen to their culture once the Muslims get even more of the camel inside our tent. One only has to view the photos of the stonings, beheadings, hangings, and acid-scarred faces of Muslim women from other parts of the world to realize it’s only a matter of time before such common atrocities occur in our own neighborhoods. It’s not a matter of “if,” but “when.”

Figure sooner than you think would be my advice, to save yourself from possible culture shock. Practice being herded and standing in long lines. Will you submit and then die, or will you get with the program?

Those in Washington, the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and most government employees have gone over to the Dark Side, becoming Traitors, people with no country, having traded whatever honor they may have had for a pig in a poke. Don’t worry; I’ve got a pretty good feeling each of them will get exactly what he deserves: they, too, will be forced to stand “In the Long Line.”

Having said that, I’ll say the following: Each person’s experience in the military is uniquely his or her own, just as every life is different. Sometimes people get the short end of the stick, like getting shot as you step off the landing craft at Normandy on D-Day, or being “volunteered” for “humanitarian reasons” only to find yourself in the midst of a firefight with no way out. It happens. Live with it or, as the case may be, get maimed or die by it; it’s all Fate anyway: Lucky and not so lucky. We older guys experienced stuff we really don’t want to remember or talk about. It’s over and, I say, let dead dogs lie.

But sometimes life isn’t so fair, and the best-laid plans oft go astray. My retirement plans of an RV and writing the Great American Novel went out the window the night Obama was nominated by the Democratic Party in 2008. For the past four years I have been warning the American people of the consequences of not paying attention and, I’m sorry to report, it’s been a very frustrating experience. I had no idea that FACTS would be so easily discarded, such as Obama’s FAKE Birth Certificates, the dire consequences of allowing millions of illegal immigrants to be given a free pass (along with their “Free Lunch,” and what a mistake “Anchor Babies” are), and for Muslims to be within our border, let alone in the White House.

I, as an American, have had it up to my ears with everything that’s been going on. There have to be consequences, and being denied the pension they thought was due is just the tip of the iceberg.

Terry Lakin and “workplace violence,” Ground Zero Mosque and Federal Reserve Bank, no tariffs for Chinese goods and Anchor Babies, CAIR and “Entitlements,” the “Dream Act,” and “reform,” and we’re halfway there, which has really got my goat.  How’s yours doing?





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