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Is a corrupt and morally bankrupt Congress responsible for the nation’s ailing financial status? Who voted them in?

(Dec. 9, 2012) — Unsubstantiated claims are just that: statements that have no validity; do you agree? Sometimes we take events on trust: for example, two containers traveling with an impact speed of 120 mph packed with some life forms of different ages and sexes; let’s call it two families traveling in cars on a two-lane highway. Each of the drivers trusts the other to stay in the designated lane just as the drivers trust the occupants not to physically interfere with the safe operation of the terrain traveler in which they’re all encapsulated.

You are tasked with giving a report about money. You are a diligent investigator and you report that today’s money is nothing more than a tool used to facilitate trades. For example, you give the store clerk some pieces of green paper, and she gives you a shirt. On the surface you came out way ahead, because you’ve got a tangible asset while the clerk holds worthless green paper. But wait! The clerk, in turn, exchanges the green paper she just received from you for a hot dog from the corner vendor. And so it goes, the pieces of green paper helping to make trades all over the globe, which reminds me of something I learned in school: economically speaking, nothing happens in this world until a trade is made.

Leave it up to our politicians to really mess up the works. When we taxpayers trade green pieces of paper to welfare recipients and get nothing in return, it is nothing less than throwing money away. When taxpayers trade hard-earned money and get nothing in return, it’s called a scam, a contract with the Pentagon with no oversight, a raw deal for you and me. When we expect our politicians to treat the money they so cavalierly toss around as their own, we’ve over-reached the bounds of common sense and entered the world of graft, bribes, stimulus and bailouts, kickbacks to political party coffers and candidates.   The money is then used to pay for a media blitz which targets the impressionable, gullible and politically naive individuals who believe that turning the other cheek is what the good Christians do and not the stupid people who think it’s honorable to toss Freedom down the cesspool where they mentally dwell.

Just wait: someday I’ll write how I REALLY feel, but for now all this hot air from Washington about expenditures is nothing less than a failed attempt at hiding the truth.  The real truth is that we wouldn’t be in this mess unless the idiots in the Executive and Legislative branches of government put us there in the first place.  The problems of today are caused by the very politicians who are now serving in Congress, with very few exceptions (those who are serving their first term), except, of course, that even the Freshmen politicians will vote “The Party Line,” thereby staying the course of more and more spending, more debt, more of the same, year after year.

We need someone in charge who will be in charge, and I’m not talking about some two-bit dictator with a massive ego problem. We expect results based on sound principled financial practices, not this “Let’s see how much we can milk it before they get wise” ploy. So here’s my suggestion:  To the de facto lying bum of a president, Obama, and his stooges (the Cabinet), the Judicial and the Legislative branches:  When you leave for “Holiday vacation,” DON’T COME BACK. We’ll take it from there. Anybody listening?

Getting back to unsubstantiated claims: Think Birth Certificate, Social Security number, and immigration status of the Long Legged Mack Daddy, as Rev. David Manning calls Obama.


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