Is This What it is Coming to in America?

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by Sharon Rondeau

The Declaration of Independence was signed on July 4, 1776, breaking ties with Great Britain after a long stream of “abuses and usurpations” was not addressed by King George III. Is America facing the same situation today?

(Dec. 8, 2012) — A video containing the text of an article by Sher Zieve published at Canada Free Press and The Post & Email was posted on YouTube on Thursday or Friday contending that increasing polarization between the American people and their government could lead to armed conflict similar to the revolution of 1776 which resulted in the colonies’ independence from Great Britain.

Although the video indicates a duration of 11:54, it ends at about the 4:00 mark.

Ammunition and firearms sales have risen since Obama’s alleged re-election on November 6, although steeped in fraud.  The Second Amendment to the Bill of Rights, ratified in 1789 by the Founders, states that “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

The German populace was unarmed when Hitler came to power and forced millions of Jews, handicapped people and ethnic Gypsies to their deaths in concentration camps.

On Friday night, Fox News anchor Sean Hannity used the words “treasonous” and “traitorous” to describe the actions of the Obama regime.  Obama has been named in the commission of treason since March 17, 2009, when a retired Naval commander filed the first of several criminal complaints, followed by similar complaints from citizens and a document expert who performed extensive analysis on Obama’s long-form birth certificate and declared it a poor forgery.

No court or grand jury in the nation has been willing to take up the issue, instead avoiding the claims of forgery and fraud announced by a law enforcement investigation on both March 1, 2012 and July 17, 2012.  To date, the FBI appears to be unwilling or unable to investigate and report on Obama’s origins, background, documentation, and whether or not he is using a false identity and Social Security number.

Those challenging Obama have been the objects of ridicule, hacking, copyright infringement and death threats.  Obama’s operatives, if not he himself, continue to spread propaganda through various websites in response to the increased pressure on him to release his hidden records and an authentic, rather than digital, birth certificate.

As the “fiscal cliff” looms without any solution in sight between Obama and House Republicans, the Obama family plans to take a $4,000,000 Christmas vacation to Hawaii for two weeks at taxpayer expense.  Those who elected Obama still expect a bailout as government spending spins out of control.  Obama has ignored constitutional restraints and issued executive orders to circumvent Congress, with Congress standing by helplessly.  Prior to leaving Washington, Obama plans on having an established anti-American rap singer perform at a Christmas presentation [Warning:  obscene language] and has removed a petition protesting the event from the White House website in violation of the First Amendment.

While the rapper’s lyrics convey contempt for U.S. soldiers serving overseas, Obama claims to be commander-in-chief of them.

Members of the U.S. House of Representatives have called Obama’s time in the White House “an imperial presidency.”  Recently Obama’s Treasury Secretary asked Congress to cede its constitutional authority to raise revenue to Obama, supported by a sychophantic media.

For decades, the major media has refused to report on constitutional and statutory violations which have placed innocent people in jail, resulted in wrongful deaths on the part of the government, and torn families apart for no reason other than profiteering by government agencies.  Obama’s campaign said he controlled the media in 2008, and evidence indicates that the White House and mainstream media continue to coordinate the message which reaches the people.  The First Amendment included a free press independent of government influence in order to keep the people informed of the government’s actions.

The Declaration of Independence was signed by 56 men who risked their fortunes, lives and families to become free.


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