Bang for the Buck

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by OPOVV, ©2012

Is it time to clean up Washington, DC?

(Dec. 2, 2012) — I’m just like you, one lowly citizen who is getting really hot under the collar putting up with government incompetents, from the White House on down to the person who works at the DMV. All my life I’ve paid taxes, and for the most part I’ve been somewhat less than satisfied with the results, which is a lot better than being completely dissatisfied, as I am nowadays.

Look around you: businesses that survived the ups and downs for the past hundred years are going under at record levels, and today’s small business owner will be hard-pressed to even eek out a 5% profit. Once you could say that “Made in America” was something to be proud of,’but now you’re hard-pressed to find anything “Made in America.”  If you don’t believe me, go to any of the large discount stores and search for a “Made in America” tag. Good luck.

As the price of gasoline goes up, so do State and  Federal taxes, and yet all we hear is they need more money for roads and bridges. Tell you what:  the DOT could receive 100% of the taxes and they wouldn’t be satisfied. If we Americans had a transportation system that met our needs, rather than being forced to pay for oil from our enemy, paying for our own destruction, we wouldn’t have the traffic jams that we have. It’s a simple equation: fewer cars equals less traffic.

But we rely on our government to zone and plan responsibly, and look where we are now: more backwards and confused than we were fifty years ago. We could have the best mass transportation system, bar none, yet we creep along at 15 mph if we’re lucky. “Traffic is at least moving” is what we strive for today.

The problem is that the people with brains stay out of politics and the government. We don’t get “the best people;” all we get are marginal people who either have a serious problem with their ego or else are skaters (Navy speak: sailor gets away with doing no work), which hasn’t always been the case, and that’s too bad.

I remember when the Boeing B-52 was chosen over Northrop’s YB-49 and how disappointed I was knowing that it’s just the same old mindset as in the days of Billy Mitchell. We have paper pushers, the “don’t-make-waves” people working for us who don’t have one clue what they’re doing, and if you doubt me just look at the shape of our country today: it’s bad and getting worse.

We pay taxes and what are we getting in return? We got a de facto president who isn’t even an American citizen who is destroying our country in every way possible: economically, militarily, and morally. We have public officials, politicians and government employees who we pay to do their jobs, but they aren’t doing their jobs. We have illegal immigrants within our borders when there’s no reason under the sun why we even have one. We have millions of Muslims living in America, in the military, and in the White House, who shouldn’t have been allowed within our borders.

We have a real problem with unqualified people in position: Secretary of State Hillary Clinton; DOJ head Eric Holder; DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano; Obama, Panetta, Dempsey and the list goes on. Our house needs to be cleaned of the rubbish that we find piled in it. The ONLY way we’re ever going to get our money’s worth, our Bang for the Buck, is to clean house and start over, when the Constitution will once again be on top.






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