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by Sharon Rondeau

Did the majority of the American people vote for Obama’s “hope and change” this time, or was the election rigged on a massive scale?

(Nov. 27, 2012) — WorldNetDaily is reporting that at least one state legislator and and county commissioner have taken action on reports from constituents that votes for Romney/Ryan cast in the 2012 presidential election were changed before their eyes to Obama/Biden.

Both the legislator and county commissioner serve in Maryland, and the legislator, Kathryn Afzali, has asked the FBI to examine two voting machines which reportedly switched votes while the voters were watching.

The Citizens Bureau of Investigation and The Post & Email called for a forensic investigation within two days of the general election on November 6 after evidence of fraud surfaced both in early voting and on Election Day describing touch-screen voting machines which changed votes from Romney to Obama.

Left-leaning websites made much of one report of a machine in Pennsylvania which changed a vote from Obama to Romney but ignored reports of the opposite, which were much more numerous.  While reports of vote-flipping from Romney to Obama surfaced during early voting in Texas, a local newspaper called them “rumors.”

Romney had been predicted to win the election by many previously-reliable pundits, writers, elections analysts and the originator of “Unskewed Polls,” Dean Chambers, who has been excoriated by the mainstream media but has claimed that Obama “won” by committing fraud in four swing states.  His analysis of the 2012 election shows a significant increase in the number of voters in the key swing states of Florida, Nevada, North Carolina, Virginia, and Iowa.  Wisconsin and and New Hampshire had also been considered winnable by the Romney campaign.

Obama reportedly won all of the swing states except North Carolina and received 100% of the votes in some Ohio and Pennsylvania precincts.

In 2000, a computer programmer testified that it was very easy to change a code in the software in voting machines to “flip” votes from one candidate to another and change the outcome of a close election.

A video uploaded to YouTube today reports that “thousands” of military ballots were lost “again.”

The Post & Email is encouraging anyone who witnessed a voting machine changing his or her vote to report it to the CBI, his or her state legislator and local FBI office to demand a forensic investigation before the votes are cast by the Electoral College on December 17.

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