Stupidity is a Disease

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by OPOVV, ©2012

U.S. Constitution provides for the pursuit of “life, liberty and pursuit of happiness”

(Nov. 16, 2012) — We hear about eradicating all kinds of things these days:  polio, diphtheria, dysentery.  The list is as endless as there are people, it seems. We thought smallpox was ancient history, but with all these nut cases running amok, you never can tell. When I visited a few countries in the Mediterranean, I had to get a Black Plague shot, of all things. And everybody catches the common cold, except there are a zillion different strains of the cold, without even mentioning the flu.

A major industry has emerged from the suffering of our fellow planet inhabitants.  If you’ve never witnessed an interview of the industry’s job openings, you just don’t know how callous people can be. I’m talking about the “Fund Raising” racket, the “Contribution” schemes, the “Feel Sorry” ploy. So there’s this job opening, and the question, the ONLY question, is how much did you take in in what amount of time. Period. Let’s say you worked for the tobacco industry for the past twenty years, and played a significant part in convincing the Chinese and Southeast Asian people that smoking American cigarettes is a good thing, an admirable activity, and added 20 million smokers, and are now applying for a job that has hinged their wagon to the latest star of cancer, breast cancer. Do you think that the anti-cancer people would care about your previous employment? No, what they care about, all they care about, is your ability to separate the money from the people. Period.

Which leads us into healthcare, specifically Obamacare. So the choice is, A) the best healthcare in the world (Mayo Clinic, for example) or, B) Obamacare, which will put you on an equal footing with the world’s worse socialized medical plans.

Which leads us into the realm of Mental Instability, or, as Mel Brooks so poignantly pointed out in “High Anxiety,” “very, very nervous,” disenfranchised, people born “shortchanged.” “If I feel sorry for myself, you’re racist if you don’t feel sorrier for me than I do myself,” the “Truly Challenged,” and, of course, the person who distrusts anybody and doesn’t scream obscenities, making a fool of himself, which anyone can readily see Americans do at a particular Detroit pawn shop.

Which leaves us with the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, and Rosa Parks, Abe Lincoln, Thomas Jefferson, all the way back to the Jews leaving Egypt more than 4,000 years ago. Just think, for a minute now, of all the time, effort, suffering and deaths it took to end up with a document so rare and profound as our Constitution. Take the time to re-read the document and marvel at the checks and balances put in place to insure the citizens’ freedom from government intrusion.

So why would an outwardly normal and sane people trade in their Civil Rights for LESS FREEDOM? The only way it makes sense is mass hysteria, mass misinformed, mass missed the boat, mass left behind, and, my favorite, mass stupidity. And there you have it, the ONLY POSSIBLE ANSWER, for surely people wouldn’t trade Freedom for Slavery, OR WOULD THEY?


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