Breaking News: Petraeus: CIA Report Indicating Terror Attack in Benghazi Altered after Submitted

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by Sharon Rondeau

(Nov. 16, 2012) — Former CIA Director David Petraeus has testified to a joint Senate and House investigative committee that his agency knew immediately that the attack on a U.S. compound in Benghazi, Libya on September 11 was the work of terrorists.

Petraeus testified today that his identification of the incident as an act of terror was “removed by other federal agencies.”  Rep. Peter King stated that what was reported to the public was not the authentic “version” of the report written by Petraeus.  Fox News quoted King as having said:

The original talking points were much more specific about Al Qaeda involvement. And yet the final ones just said indications of extremists.
While CIA Director, Petraeus reported directly to Obama.

The White House, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, and United Nations Ambassador Susan Rice falsely claimed that an anti-Islamic video was the cause of the torching of a U.S. building in Benghazi and subsequent murder of four Americans.

At the end of October, it was revealed that White House, FBI and State Department personnel were observing the attack unfold “in real time” by means of an unmanned drone flying overhead.

Petraeus had denied issuing an order to “stand down” to employees within the CIA as reported by Fox News on October 26.  Fox News had not identified who had issued the order.

Barack Hussein Obama has been accused of treason on multiple counts, including for the four deaths in Benghazi and a “cover-up” of what really happened.

Defense Secretary Leon Panetta said that he did not have enough information to issue orders to the U.S. military to lend assistance to those under attack.

Shortly after Obama’s putative election, his communications director, Anita Dunn, boasted that the campaign had controlled the media.

On October 19, The Post & Email had asked whether or not the Benghazi attack would be Obama’s “undoing.”

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