Something Died

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by OPOVV, ©2012

(Nov. 7, 2012) —

A murder occurred in our house,

the corpse discarded next to the curb.

Some lamented the value that was lost,

while others walked by without a word.


In the tomb of the Unknown Soldier,

soldiers, airmen and sailors wept.

Visitors and relatives shed a tear,

where the wasted remains are kept.


Markers and crosses as far as the eye can see,

fallen heroes laid to rest for a once noble cause.

Now just expendable fodder, an empty breeze,

many kept from public view wrapped up in gauze.


Dead, maimed and mentally scarred for life,

the veterans suffer while others dream.

Time spent upholding The Oath for sacrifice,

ending in nightmares afraid to glean.


The Constitution is dead, America is no more,

just a Cheap Third World Nanny State.

Thousands, millions of lives trashed in war,

Fighting for Freedom for a zero Fate.


Memories fading away, this war is through,

the enemy (stupidity) was overpowering.

So I bid you, followers and enemy alike, adieu:

236 years way too short for Freedom’s fling.


Marching to the cadence of Taps,

footfalls silenced by the onslaught of dread.

Was once a proud citizen, willing to give my life,

but now I have no country,

for my country is dead.












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