An Open Letter to All Patriots

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November 7, 2012

U.S. Supreme Court Justice John G. Roberts verbally stumbled when administering the oath of office to Barack Hussein Obama on January 20, 2009. Obama also incorrectly repeated the oath perhaps an omen of his failure to abide by it.

All day today I heard people say we’ve lost our republic. Well, we have not lost our republic; we are letting criminals steal it. The man sitting in the White House was a criminal before the election and he is still a criminal.  His stolen reelection only made matters worse.

When a person starts to break the law he does not stop until the people in charge of upholding that law stop him. Well it’s time we the people go to Washington and make those in charge of upholding the laws of our country do so. Many of us for the past four years have gone about calling and writing our congressmen, senators, governors and attorneys general to no avail. There have been and are still active cases in courts across the land with not one judge willing to do the right thing. Barack Hussein Obama is a criminal! He is not eligible to be POTUS. He is not a natural born Citizen.  He is using a forged birth certificate, a forged draft registration and a stolen SS#. These are crimes anyone else would be in prison for. But the people in a position to do so are afraid to do their job. WE must make them do it. Barack Hussein Obama has violated the Constitution many times and has committed acts of treason against his country. If the people allow this to go on then you can say all of us have allowed a criminal to steal our country and turn it into a hellhole.

It is past time for ALL to go to Washington. People of all walks of life and all the hundreds of military officers that stepped forward. We must go there and place demands before Congress that Barack Hussein Obama be held accountable for his crimes to the people and the Constitution and not leave until it’s finished. If we do not find the courage to do this, our country will be lost forever and we will be responsible.

You can’t save our country from the comfort of your living room. Who will lead the way?

DC or die in chains,

Dale Laudenslager

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