If Obama Campaign “Feels Good” About the Election, Why is He Crying?

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by Sharon Rondeau

Lakeside Center, part of the McCormick Place Convention Center in Chicago

(Nov. 6, 2012) — Obama was photographed “shedding a tear” while addressing his last rally of the 2012 campaign in Iowa on Monday.  Polls today show Obama either with a slight lead or with a “dead heat” between Romney and Obama.

Joe Biden says he “feels good” about the prospects of the Obama team being re-elected today, and other campaign staffers said they feel “very good.”

Obama’s “election night rally” will be held at McCormick Place in Chicago, which has been described as “very different” from Grant Park, where the Obama team and family celebrated his victory over Republican opponent Sen. John McCain in 2008.

Obama’s hair has since gone gray, and questions about his eligibility and identity have never been answered.

McCormick Place is described as “the largest convention center in North America.”  The Chicago Tribune, for which Obama adviser David Axelrod was once a journalist and which assisted Obama’s U.S. Senate campaign to pry open the divorce records of then-opponent Jack Ryan, has reported that “Given the indoor location, the event seems unlikely to match the electric atmosphere of Obama’s 2008 outdoor victory rally in Grant Park. That event drew an estimated 240,000 people downtown and created picturesque images of the city’s skyline that were seen worldwide.”

Romney will be spending election night at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center, “the largest convention center in New England.”

A UK newspaper depicted Obama as having made a “tender” reference to his 2008 campaign in Iowa while describing Mitt Romney’s final campaign speech as “falling flat” in a clear opinion piece masquerading as news.

On Friday, Obama made a comment about getting “revenge,” presumably against people who do not support his agenda, by going out to vote.  Obama’s senior adviser, Valerie Jarrett, has also made a reference to “payback time” against those who did not support Obama.

Mitt Romney responded to Obama’s comment by advising people to vote “for love of country.”

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