First Election Results: Dixville Notch, NH

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by Sharon Rondeau

Two northern New Hampshire towns have held the first presidential election votes in the nation since 1948

(Nov. 6, 2012) — The first results of the 2012 presidential election are in.

While by no means indicative of the final results, two small towns in northern New Hampshire which have enjoyed “first-vote status” have declared Obama the winner in one and a tie in the other.

The town with the tie, Dixville Notch, is located in Coos County, where Rep. Larry Rappaport is the state representative.  Hart’s Location in Carroll County produced the Obama win today.

There were 11 fewer people casting votes in Dixville Notch this year than in 2012.  The election process consumed 43 seconds in the Dixville Notch precinct, where ten people voted.

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