Obama Controls the Media, the Justice Department, State Judges and Justices

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by Dwight Kehoe, ©2012, blogging at TPath

(Apr. 11, 2012) — Yesterday in a New Jersey administrative court the typical scenario played out just as it has in many other court rooms over the past year.

Evidence was produced which proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that  Obama’s birth certificate was forged. On the only positive note, there is now an official record of a presiding judge,  Judge Masin and Obama’s attorney agreeing that the birth certificate posted by the White House is not reliable.

We can all thank Mario Apuzzo for dragging that out of them.  That was masterful. Well done!

A clear and convincing picture of the term “Natural Born Citizen” was elicited and all agreed Obama’s father was not ever an American citizen.

During the hearing, on several occasions one could see and without looking too closely, several reassuring facial communications from the judge to Obama’s clearly unsettled attorney (her foot was in a perpetual nervous twitch under the table).  In other words, the message appeared to be, ‘Don’t worry missy, we are doing what we need to do to make this appear legal and impartial, but I got your back’.  This is, of course my opinion, but having spent years negotiating business deals, with all brands of characters, I have become very comfortable reading facial language.

Last night, just 5 hours after the hearing ended, Mario Apuzzo received a call from Judge Masin informing him that, he, the judge believes Obama was born in Hawaii and therefore his ruling will be in favor of Obama.

His Hawaiian birth ‘belief’ was based on no evidence, even after having agreed in court that Obama has not produced a legal birth certificate.  He also ignored all precedence regarding Article II of the US Constitution, NJ Title 19 as well as the NJ Constitution. So the beat goes on, the rule of law is dead. 

Obama has had the main stream media under his control from the very beginning and it is clear that he now has the entire judicial system, both Federal and State.

The last step to dominating a country with tyranny is control of key portions of the  military.  How much of that has he accomplished, quietly behind the scenes?  When we find out, it just might be too late.

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