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by One Pissed-off Vietnam Vet, Presidential Candidate

Children pledging allegiance to the flag on Flag Day (June 14), 1899. What are children being taught today about America?

(Mar. 19, 2012) — I swear that I will use my reasoning capabilities as the Good Lord intended: to reason without emotion, to see through the lies and deceit that my enemy will surely throw at me, and to stand with honor at all times in the sunshine for all to see my actions on and off the battlefield, for I am an American and fear no Evil, irrespective of its source.

I will openly declare my allegiance to my flag and for which it stands, and I will wear my Patriotism with pride for all my enemies to see, for I will remain a believer in the United States Constitution, so help me God. If anyone is offended for my keeping my word, for my upholding my Oath, I will remember them well and, when I feel that the time is right, will inform them, in no uncertain terms, that they are no longer welcome in my country, that they have overextended their stay and are asked to leave and never to return, and if, by chance, they were born in my country, they will lose their citizenship.  It’s as simple as that.

Included in the “Get-out-and-stay-out” list are illegal immigrants, Muslims, members of Congress, the Judiciary, and the media who have failed to report that Obama is nothing more that a Kenyan-born South-side Chicago con-artist, a felon for being an illegal immigrant, lying on his Selective Service Registration, a history of using multiple Social Security numbers, currently using a Social Security number not issued to him, and doing his level best, with the aid of his cabinet, to render the Constitution null and void; of being a Muslim, a member of our sworn enemy, the destroyer of Western Civilization.

I swear that every person who was a part of putting Obama’s name on the 2008 ballot will be tried as a traitor, will lose any pension, and will serve time in jail, if not life, and that goes for the current crop that has failed to scratch Obama’s name from the 2012 ballot.

All public servants who have ruled against home schooling, who have falsified records, who have failed to uphold the law and common sense, such as disallowing the saying of “Merry Christmas,” and who have supported targeting Tea Party attendees, Veterans, and supporters of the First and Second Amendments, are going to jail.

I will not follow orders from the illegal clown who calls himself Obama. I will not follow illegal orders from the Joint Chiefs of Staff who had a hand in railroading LTC Terry Lakin into Leavenworth prison. I will, however, follow legal orders that uphold the U.S. Constitution. I will follow Rules of Engagement that allow me to respond to any perceived or real threat to any level that I determine will destroy my enemy in the most expeditious method possible by using all of the weapons in my arsenal to my best advantage. I will give my enemy no quarter, no benefit of the doubt: I will win any and all engagements that I am in, from a one-on-one encounter, to full-scale land and sea engagements extending from horizon to horizon, and beyond.

I will be feared by my enemies, for I will respond 100 times more than whatever they try and do unto me and my country. I will respond swiftly and decisively and I will get down in the gutter and be more vicious to them then they could ever imagine their doing unto me, for I will win, at any and all costs, I will win.

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