Octogenarian Asks if Mitt Romney is Eligible…and Able

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January 12, 2012

Would Mitt Romney make an effective president and commander-in-chief? Is he constitutionally eligible?

Dear Candidate Romney,

I have just heard a sound bite where you are claiming that Obama “is in over his head.”

I am sorry, sir, but if that IS your view, you are UNFIT for the position of President of the United States!

If you are NOT aware of the Marxist proclivities of this usurper in the Oval Office, may I ask WHERE YOU HAVE BEEN FOR THE PAST FOUR YEARS?

Mr. Obama/Soetoro/Soebarkah/Bounel/whatever? has been groomed his entire life with an Anti-American agenda. He actually told us (at least those who WOULD listen) that he planned on destroying this country so that he could remake it in his [Marxist} image! Granted, he did not use the word “destroy” but how in heck do you “remake” something without tearing it down FIRST? He has been the MOST SUCCESSFUL “president” in my 81 years at getting his program advanced, even if it meant trampling our Constitution and ignoring a willing and mostly compliant Congress!

Mr. Romney, you have just validated my concerns regarding YOUR lack of ability to serve in this office even if you SHOULD be ELIGIBLE; something Obama/etc., IS NOT!


Richard H. Irish

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