It’s Becoming Unglued

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by One Pissed-off Vietnam Vet

U.S. involvement in Vietnam did not stop the North from overtaking the South, rendering the entire country communist

(Dec. 3, 2011) — “Going to hell in a hand basket,” as my father would have put it, and he’d be right on target. “Too many pans in the fire” was how my grandmother would have described the current condition of America today. We are weak for many reasons, but the outcome is the same: Patriots are far and few between, just as Christmas decorations on houses are this year. Go ahead, take a drive in any residential neighborhood, and you’ll be saying “There’s one, over on your left. I think I see a wreath on the front door.”

Let’s look at the world as if we’re on the International Space Station and you’re tasked with evaluating the United States.  Tell me what you see. Do you see Iran spreading its influence through various Islamic groups throughout the Mediterranean, or do you see an “Islamic Spring,” as if calling the enslavement of poor ignorant souls something to celebrate? Do you see the one democratic country in the whole region, Israel, becoming surrounded by an enemy that, for once, looks as if it may be on the same page? And what is your gut feeling about if the Arabs attack Israel, the IDF won’t retaliate with nuclear weapons, with Mecca being one of the targets of opportunity, forever leaving the area a glass-covered radioactive wasteland?

Coming up next out the porthole we see China. Americans see an untapped market for American goods and services, but let’s look at the facts. One, the balance of trade that America has with China is so lopsided as to be criminal, and it is. Why does China have “Favorite Trade” status? How, pray tell, is China’s not paying tariffs helping Americans? Is selling American cancer sticks (cigarettes) and Buicks (from Government Motors) worth the kickbacks to a few members of Congress? Goods that Americans used to make are now made in China. And two, what’s even worse, graduates from Chinese high schools are head-over-heels smarter than American graduates, at least the ones that do. Today’s first two years of college are as yesterday’s last two years of high school; that’s how far we’ve sunk in the last 40 years.

And we finally see out the window the United States, starting with Hawaii, the state that is covering up the biggest crime in America: the ineligible president, a person who said he was born in that state but, for various reasons, has utterly failed to prove it and, by the way, enabling normally law-abiding government employees to commit acts of treason by not being forthcoming and honest about the non-existent birth certificate. And here’s the mainland, once the world’s beacon for freedom, but which is becoming a place to avoid, a place with internment camps, a place where they want to abolish the right to own weapons, a place where honorable veterans are considered terrorists by administrators who never served, never fired a gun at the enemy, never killed an enemy, never saluted the American flag while in uniform..

What America needs now, more so than at any time since Washington, is a warrior, a person who will tell it like it is, say it very clear and plain and make it stick. You cross that line, then you will suffer the consequences. Not “maybe.” You cross that line, and it’ll be the last line that you’ll ever cross. You stop your car on the road, get out and pray, because it’ll be the last time you’ll ever pray. You’re here illegally, well, you’re not. You deprive a citizen of their Constitutional Rights, you are going down for it.

Simple. Say it, mean it, back it up. And I am One Pissed-off Vietnam Veteran.

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