One Pissed-Off American Citizen

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by John Sutherland, ©2011

The Tenth Amendment to the Bill of Rights relegates most matters to the states, which were meant to be sovereign republics

(Oct. 29, 2011) — O-dark hundred hours -  We have a loyal patriot who identifies himself as One Pissed-off Vietnam Veteran.  I like everything OPOVV writes – he’s a truth teller.  Another truth teller I greatly admire is Larry Sellin.  Both men are former military.  Our military has bred some fabulous citizens, and these are two that are well worth noting and acknowledging for their brilliant defense of our country.  There are more – many more, but none apparently are in active positions of influence in government.

I’m sitting here at 3:00 a.m., unable to sleep because I see and understand clearly what is happening in America today – I am witnessing the total and malicious destruction of our system of law and of our culture by members of our own government, and I am One Pissed-Off American Citizen who wants to know if there is one single state government that still functions under the rule of law.

Sadly, recent experience tells me that I must relegate this federal government to the dustbin of history as one of the most lawless and corrupt governments in the history of America, no longer of benefit or value to the states or to the people it allegedly represents, and so I’m not addressing the federal government in this paper.  I’ve written the feds off as defenders of freedom.  At least those feds actually running things – that would be management in all three branches.  As defenders of American ideals and freedoms, you guys fail.  Big time.

Now to my point.  As it appears to the most casual observer, everything the federal government is doing today is unlawful and unconstitutional, and yet – not a single state governor is calling our Marxist mulatto usurper-in-chief (that would be Obama) and his criminal thugs to account for their unconstitutional and criminal actions against the American people. I want to know why not? The American people are first citizens of their state before they are American citizens. Why do the people of America have state governments, if not first for protection against enemies, both foreign and domestic?

So, my anger is directed at fifty state governors, and in my anger directed at these fifty state governors, I quote Nigel Farage, a Brit who has the courage to demand of the EU – ‘Who the hell do you people think you are?’  I ask all fifty governors – Where the hell are you when your citizens need you the most?  If your answer is MIA, then you must resign.

Why isn’t there a single state governor with enough courage and fortitude to tell the feds to stop their criminal activities, and mean it?  We know Tennessee is the most corrupt state in the union, so when they make a deal with the devil (that would most recently be the TSA), it is easy to understand.  The pols in Tennessee did it for the power and for the money – certainly NOT for the freedom of their citizens.

The states have all the power in this country, and yet every state governor has stood down while the rapid destruction of the states and the federal government has taken place all around us. You’d have to be dead not to see and understand the destruction that is happening in America today. What is that all about?  Where is the state government outrage?  Is everyone at the state level corrupt?

This broad and widespread lawlessness in state and federal government does not bode well for the state governments. If the people are forced to rescue themselves from this rampant tyranny, the result will be messy and the state governments will be changed out. Trust me on that one. If you, the members of the state governments, were smarter, you would be siding with your own citizens against the federal takeover of America.  So, I ask you: Is everyone in state government either stupid or corrupted?  Like the feds, are you also completely lawless?

I am also questioning why we need government at all. What exactly are the people’s representatives doing to help the people – I mean besides sucking most of the profits of their labor in the form of taxes? Government certainly isn’t doing what we have lawfully asked it to do for us.  It appears that our whole system of government – all of it – is stinking and corrupted, and is acting as a huge weight and burden, holding down the American people and keeping them unstable, unproductive, and poor, while the progressives, the communists, the banksters, and the one-worlders take over control of America.

All we’re asking you to do is to defend and protect our system of law and our culture.  Is that so difficult to do that you are unable to do it?

I’m looking for One Pissed-off State Governor, and One Pissed-off State Legislator, and One Pissed-off State Judge, willing to shut down the lawless actions emanating profusely from the federal government. I want someone, actually many “someones,” in one or more state governments to fight for their own citizens against the lawless and totalitarian feds. To defend its own people – to the wall.  I want to see heroes in government, not slime buckets.

Governor… Representative… Judge…where are you?  Your citizens are waiting.  Every day you remain complicit with the feds and every day you acquiesce to their unlawful and tyrannical demands on your citizens, you become more and more irrelevant in the eyes of your alert citizens.  Think about it.  Think about the oath you were so willing to take when you took office and were about to start receiving huge sums of money from the public trough in the form of salary and benefits.  That oath you took never expired – you are still bound by your oath to the citizens of your state.

Got it yet?  Now is the time for action.  Help your citizens regain their sovereignty and their freedom.  Tell the one-worlders and the power elite to go away.  You fail to help your citizens at your own political risk.


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