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by William Lolli, ©2011

The word "Allah," which means "God" in Arabic, written from right to left

(May 16, 2011) — In the interests of full disclosure I need to tell you that I am a Christian. As such I would be remiss in my duty to remind you that God has provided a way out of the moral abyss of this world (and the next) through the finished work of redemption by His Son, Jesus Christ.

Whoops. There, I did it. For those of you devout and practicing Muslims, and others, that adhere to the idea that God does not beget, nor is he begotten, we shall just have to disagree.

The good news is:  Welcome to America! The place where we can disagree and I don’t have to worry about getting my head cut off, and you don’t have to worry about having your Mosque burned and your family sent to a concentration camp.

It is not well known among Americans, though, why peace-loving Muslims want to come to America and build mosques, practice their faith, and live in peace. A quick look at just the recent 150 year history of Sino-Soviet persecution of Muslims would open anyone’s eyes to the suffering endured by Muslims in Southern Russia and Western China—and even further back.

Since the beginning of Islam’s presence in Central Asia in the 8th century, its practice by its adherents has been misunderstood and mishandled by just about all of the non-Muslim governmental systems that ruled over its populations. Even Muslim-based governments failed in the task of rightly administering their Islamic populations without selective persecutions.

I suppose this is due to Islam itself being a mysterious blend of a culture, a people, a world view, a system of law, and a religion—all of which presents a population difficult to assimilate or control by any officious ruling class.

Over continents and centuries, the tactics used to influence and control Muslim territories included policies of integration, assimilation, pacification, and oppression. But these policies have all been as inconsistent as the empires and kings who ruled them, thus contributing to the general hardening and radicalization of the global-Islamic mindset we are now experiencing today.

Based upon what little I know of Islamic history, we owe an ironic thanks to the ethnic and ultra-nationalist divides that separate all Islamic peoples. If it were not for their traditions and differences, the world today might be staring into the face of a massive, global, Islamic Nation, forged under years of persecution and oppression, and their own introspective radicalization, into a conquering, western-civilization-destroying empire.

Which brings me to why America is the last best hope for peaceful Muslims that don’t ascribe to the hardened, radical Jihadist views.

Americans aren’t interested in creating policies of ‘divide-and-rule’ or use military force on its citizens. Americans are not interested in pan-Islamic nationalist movements. Americans are not interested in oppressing legitimate public practice of a faith that would force a person’s religious life to go underground. As long as there is an America, you are free to worship.

One the other hand, Americans are not willing to annul our system of rights and laws for Sharia. And especially, we are not willing to give up our freedom to peacefully disagree.



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