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by Andy Martin, JD, ©2012

"Plaque" hanging in main councilroom in the Mayor's office in Honolulu, HI

(Nov. 13, 2010) — Obamacon 2012 Chairman Andy Martin will hold a Honolulu news conference today, November 13th, to announce a “scavenger hunt” seeking Barack Obama’s physical birthplace in Honolulu. Obamacon 2012/Honolulu 2010 continues through Tuesday, November 16th.  Today’s sidewalk news conference will be held at the intersection of Atkinson Drive and Kapiolani Boulevard in front of the Hawai’i Convention Center, Honolulu.

Both Martin and Daniel Ellsberg are Viet-Nam era protesters who gained notoriety for appearing on “enemies lists” of the Nixon Administration. Ellsberg is speaking at the Hilton Hawaiian Village earlier Saturday. Martin’s peripheral connection to news reports involving the My Lai Massacre in 1969 prompted President Nixon’s ire. Ellsberg was to become the legendary whistle-blower who exposed government lying in the “Pentagon Papers.” Martin will be attending Ellsberg’s speech.

Obamacon 2012 conference leader/author/film producer Andy Martin asks “Where’s the plaque” concerning Barack Obama’s unknown birthplace in Hawai’i.

Martin notes that although Obama claims Honolulu as his birthplace, nowhere in Honolulu is there any plaque to commemorate the actual presidential “birthplace.”

Martin says it is peculiar that no presidential birthplace has ever been conclusively identified and documented; he says the missing birthplace is part of the overall “birth certificate” imbroglio that is increasingly driving public doubts about the putative president.

“Birther convention” probes for evidence of where Obama was physically born; Andy Martin converts the “search” into a “scavenger hunt.”

Andy Martin is unique in that his name has appeared on three presidential “enemies lists.”

Martin is often called the “King of the Birthers” because of his relentless efforts to force the release of Barack Obama’s original, typewritten 1961 birth certificate, which Hawaii officials confirm exists but which they have refused to release on the basis that Obama is a “private citizen.”

Martin is in Honolulu as Executive Director and Chairman of Obamacon 2012/Honolulu 2010, the first political convention of the 2012 presidential campaign season.

While in Honolulu, Martin is also spearheading a separate investigation into potential terrorist threats against Hawai’i and the United States.

“Can anyone show me a plaque commemorating where Barack Obama was physically born?” Martin will ask. “There is no plaque at the address listed in the newspaper reports of Obama’s birth. Obama’s own relatives have given conflicting reports of which hospital was Obama’s birthplace.

“Hawai’i wants to be the site of the Obama ‘presidential library,’ but the state can’t even decide where to erect a plaque to commemorate the president’s birthplace. All modern-era presidents have identified birthplaces except Obama.

“Saturday we will begin a scavenger hunt to search for evidence of the actual Obama birthplace. Assuming he was born in Honolulu, as he claims and as the media have argued, then authorities should place a commemorative plaque in front of the presidential birthplace. There is no plaque at present, because no one knows for sure where he was born.

“No hospital is apparently willing to produce the actual documentation needed to confirm Obama was actually born in that hospital. A hospital can’t refuse to release records, if they exist, on the basis that Obama is a ‘private person.’ Obviously he is not. Any records, anywhere, relating to Obama’s birth are  historic documents and national archives. Why are they missing? Why the cover-up?

“Secrecy about the circumstances of Obama’s actual birth fuels increasing public skepticism about just who Obama really is. Are you listening, Barry (Obama)?

“The convention will be providing a post-convention follow-up to the scavenger hunt; we will report on the success or failure of our efforts to identify the actual Obama birthplace and any credible available evidence to support that claim.

“I am delighted that Daniel Ellsberg will also be in Honolulu this weekend. We have postponed our Saturday convention session to the afternoon so that our attendees can also attend Ellsberg’s speech.

“Mr. Ellsberg and I were both on enemies lists of the Nixon Administration. I beat Dan to the draw; President Nixon got mad at me in 1969 as Evans-Novak reported at the time. Ellsberg was pilloried in 1971.

“Ellsberg’s great moral teaching, that governments have a tendency to lie and that lies are intolerable in a democratic society, has to be relearned anew by each succeeding generation of Americans. Liberals are now astounded by Obama’s post-election secrecy and paranoia. As a conservative, I am not surprised. My book Obama: The Man Behind The Mask was and remains the predictive ‘bible’ on Obama. I was and still am the only Obama author to speak with an authoritative Chicago voice.

“In 2008, I was a critic of candidate Obama and Dan Ellsberg was a tentative supporter. Ellsberg has since become a critic. But both Ellsberg and I are committed to honesty and transparency in government. We must certainly keep information such as ‘troop movements’ and the like secret. But our ultimate goals and policies in any conflict must be open to congressional oversight and control.

“I don’t know how I have managed the somewhat unusual trifecta of being on a Nixon enemies list, and then went on to be the first name on both George W. Bush’s and Barack Obama’s enemies lists, but there you have it. My commitment to the truth spans parts of five decades. I bow down only to the supreme authority of the U. S. Constitution, and not to the temporary occupants of the Oval Office,” Martin will state. “I think Dan would agree with that formula.”


Editor’s Note: Mr. Martin filed a lawsuit against Hawaii Governor Linda Lingle over the obfuscation of Obama’s birth records which he described to The Post & Email as “the cover-up of the cover-up.”  The Post & Email is a sponsor of Obamacon 2012.

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